Traducción de talking shop en Español:

talking shop

tertulia, n.



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    tertulia femenino
    mentidero masculino coloquial
    • This new system is going to cost an arm and a leg in reports and proposals and working groups and talking shops and that's before it's introduced at all.
    • The federation believes these forums will become yet more talking shops that will simply add another local layer of bureaucracy to an already confusing, duplicated and congested system.
    • The fact that I am now on the Regeneration and Technical Scrutiny Committee provides a further insight into the futility of such talking shops.
    • But Yorkshire and the Humber Tory Euro-MP Timothy Kirkhope yesterday said regional assemblies would be nothing more than talking shops and said greater powers should be granted to local authorities.
    • New talking shops won't create more jobs or improve public services anywhere in South Lakeland.
    • The people's talking shops on the Number 10 Downing Street Web site crashed recently under the strain of 32,767 postings.
    • These cafes became talking shops where the middle classes and intelligentsia would meet not only to drink coffee but to talk, argue discuss ideas and above all politics.
    • Brian Pearce, Director of the Inter Faith Network for the UK, said he had witnessed many benefits from more than 100 faith forums already running across the country and rejected criticism that they could be simply talking shops.
    • It is time for the government to stop introducing talking shops and reports.
    • Development boards were not set up by the Government to be talking shops.
    • There should in my view be no new legislative institutions, no new talk shops.
    • The government should fund proper research, not hold talking shops.
    • At the minute, it seems that the Local Councils are expensive talking shops, where every irrelevant matter under the sun can be debated, the public reps get their tidy amount of expenses and the local community ends up no better off.
    • If the electorate knew that these elections were just the first of many for talking shops under international regulation they might have been less willing to put up with the long queues and ink-checks.
    • Critics say the summits are just talking shops and photo opportunities.
    • So what is the perception in the eyes of most female officers about those focus groups, that they are action groups or talking shops?
    • The art schools were great talking shops, but at the same time, he recalls, London itself was also grey a place where it was hard to get garlic or spices.
    • ‘But I do not believe that wasting your money on what will be expensive talking shops is the way to do it,’ he declares.
    • ‘I did not attend the meeting because I personally have had enough of these talk shops,’ Alexander said.
    • Some MSPs have privately questioned the need for the new network of regional transport partnerships and whether they are not just more talking shops in a country already over-burdened with public bodies.