Traducción de tampon en Español:


tampón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtampɒn//ˈtæmˌpɑn/


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    tampón masculino
    • Well, the idea of pushing a tampon into your vagina to soak up the flow seems totally gross at first.
    • Women who are having a pelvic scan may be asked to insert a tampon beforehand.
    • I wasn't sure that I really wanted to know how these things work, but my box of applicator tampons came with a set of full-colour instructions on proper insertion, and I certainly found out.
    • It's easiest to insert a tampon when your flow is heaviest, like the first three days of your period, because you're more lubricated.
    • They aspire to provide other women with information about choices surrounding menstrual health, especially about alternatives to commercial pads and tampons.
    • But why, in a country with a public healthcare system free and accessible to all, do we still have to pay for tampons, towels or whatever menstrual product we choose to control our flow.
    • The synthetic materials used in tampons, such as rayon (bleached by chlorine), contain carcinogenic substances like dioxin, and have been known to cause toxic shock syndrome.
    • The impending Goods and Services Tax has Australian women riled: while exceptions to the tax will be made for necessities such as sunscreen, incontinence pads and condoms, tampons and menstrual pads will be taxed.
    • You can definitely swim when you're menstruating, as long as you're wearing a tampon.
    • Only two years prior I had to draw a diagram for her explaining how to insert a tampon!
    • There are more than just environmental reasons to switch from pads and tampons to using more sustainable and natural menstrual resources.
    • Come and learn all the different options women have besides tampons and how to make your own reusable pads.
    • Because the muscles of the vagina can become tense when a girl is nervous, it can be difficult to insert a tampon at first.
    • High absorbency tampons left in the vagina for a long time have been associated with a dangerous illness called toxic shock syndrome.
    • The pain was so bad at first that inserting a tampon would make me cry from the pain.
    • I was totally freaked out about it because I had never used a tampon before and didn't know how to insert it.
    • When you're ready to insert the tampon into your vagina, it might be easier to sit down rather than stand up.
    • Because staphylococcus bacteria are often carried on dirty hands, it's important to wash your hands thoroughly before and after inserting a tampon.
    • But, thankfully, you only need to deal with pads and tampons during the days you actually have blood flow.
    • Throw away personal items, such as tissues, menstrual pads, and tampons in a paper bag.