Traducción de tangent en Español:


tangente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtændʒənt//ˈtan(d)ʒ(ə)nt/


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    tangente femenino
    to go / fly off at / on a tangent (trying to change the subject) salirse / escaparse por la tangente
    • And so the corporates have inevitably led the Internet and its hopes on a different, money-based tangent leaving the dreamers behind, a little richer and a little wiser.
    • Did have a bit of a Monty Python moment in my Taxation tutorial today, tutor bloke was off at a bit of a tangent as per normal talking about careers in tax and regaled us with a tale about one of his mates who works for a big tax firm.
    • If you are so-inclined, you can go off in a thousand tangents and cover an enormous range of topics.
    • If I could just add perhaps on a slightly different tangent, that the Business Council conducted some research about what people's views of the economy and the society were not long ago.
    • The discussion then went off on a tangent, to the question of how many spheres of equal size could rotate around a central ball of the same size.
    • Too many people posting on this site are showing tendencies to go off on tangents which cumulatively waste years of learning time.
    • However, that's so not the point, I am the queen of subject changes and irrelevant tangents, but tangents are what make life interesting right?
    • Thankfully, he went off on a different tangent.
    • Look at that, we started with the opening credits and I went off on a tangent.
    • Otherwise, people will start going off on different tangents, and you can't have that.
    • We are taking a little bit of a different tangent.
    • Those of us who have absorbed these ideas without question should pause for reflection before modern deviants branch off at further tangents and we lose the connection with first principles entirely.
    • Filtered through his camera lens, the story veers off on eccentric tangents.
    • First, you need to get your facts straight before you go off on a tangent like that.
    • The chair went one way, she went another the and keyboard headed off at a completely different tangent.
    • Ideas are slowly turned over and puzzled with, and the topic at hand may unintentionally meander off on tangents far away from the original point, wrapped in unusual phrases and reflections.
    • He always misbehaved, and went off at tangents and I had to bring him in line many times.
    • First, the writer needs to get his facts straight before he goes off on a tangent like that.
    • He breaks off, perhaps uncomfortable with this line of questioning, and scoots off at a tangent.
    • She's way too excited to tell you about EVERYTHING, and often goes off on wild tangents and digressions just to get out a pretty straightforward tale.