Traducción de tango en Español:


tango, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtæŋɡoʊ//ˈtaŋɡəʊ/

nombrePlural tangos

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    tango masculino
    • The waltz, foxtrot, tango and quickstep are danced in rapid-fire succession in each ballroom round while salsa steps up the beat to let Latin competitors loosen up a little and go through the paces of the rhumba, samba and cha cha.
    • The Argentine tango originated in Buenos Aires at the turn of the last century.
    • The next hour is spent dancing the tango, the waltz the rumba, the cha-cha and jive.
    • They've been tap dancing, doing the tango, body-popping, dancing the salsa - you name it, he's seen it.
    • Adults and children are well catered for in Saturday's packed workshop programme including samba drumming, bodhrán, African drumming, belly dancing, tango and salsa dancing.
    • In the shack, they danced the tango, the polka and the swing.
    • Aside from a few moments of group dancing, the evening comprises tangos of varying temperaments, performed by one couple after another (seven in all) and individually choreographed by the performers.
    • Women dance flamenco and tango and belly dancing.
    • And while their environment may look European their spirit is Latin: people giggle in parks, dine out on great shanks of beef, dance the tango far into the night, and follow the passions of soccer.
    • He maintains that it takes at least ten years to learn how to dance a tango.
    • The bottle has quite a fancy label of a couple dancing the tango, which appears to move when you look at it from a different direction, which would suggest to me that this winemaker is very keen on the idea of exports.
    • As in Argentina, the tango is a popular dance form.
    • His main recreation remains ballroom dancing - tango, cha cha and waltz being his specialities.
    • Silently, he stops and gazes at a painting of a man and woman dancing the tango underneath the umbrellas of their servants; the shopkeeper sees him, and she goes outside to talk with him.
    • Young and old, they were dancing the tango together and singing their hearts out.
    • It was also here that the music and dance of the tango, once described as vertical flirting, was born among the brothels and bordellos of Necochea, a street that today is lined with pizzerias, cantinas and gift shops.
    • The polka and waltz are very popular, but Slovenes dance all major dances from the tango to the macarena.
    • Argentine tango is a dance of the night - and passions that breed in the dark.
    • The influences that gave rise to the tango in the streets of Buenos Aires range from the Cuban habanera to Sicilian folk song and dance.
    • ‘We had less experience at the beginning, so I choreographed rumbas, tangos, and bulerias because they were familiar,’ he said.

verbo intransitivotangoed, tangoes, tangoing

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    bailar el tango