Traducción de tape measure en Español:

tape measure

cinta métrica, n.


  • 1

    cinta métrica femenino
    metro masculino
    • One would think the simplest way to determine the size of an item would be to break out the old tape measure and measure it… right?
    • Note his weight and height, and measure his neck size, using a tape measure if possible, although accurate shirt size will suffice.
    • The college electrician came round today brandishing plans and a tape measure.
    • Use a steel tape measure to measure the length of your frame on both sides of the door and across the top.
    • A flexible tape measure is the only tool to accurately measure the human body's curves and contours.
    • Instead, use a tape measure or a piece of clothing to judge weight loss.
    • We used bathroom scales and a tape measure to obtain their weight and height.
    • There's no point in getting a tape measure and measuring myself because in two weeks my dimensions will have changed one way or the other.
    • I overcame this problem by taking a tape measure with me, unpacking some curtains and measuring them against the known size of the window.
    • Neck circumference and waist and hip girth were measured using a tape measure.
    • For the purpose of scale, the tape measure shown in some of the photos is extended to exactly 18 inches.
    • Height and weight were measured in stocking feel on a flat surface, using a tape measure and a portable scale, respectively.
    • But if that exercise doesn't float your boat you could use a set of scales, a tape measure and a calculator instead and calculate your Body Mass Index.
    • Suddenly when I wasn't looking (my gaze had drifted over to the lingerie section) he had whipped his tape measure out and measured my waist!
    • Use a yardstick or steel tape measure, never a cloth tape measure.
    • Admission officers end up walking around local streets with a tape measure.
    • Measure yourself first with a tape measure, your bust, waist, and hips, over your undergarments.
    • Who measured the distance from Earth to Mars and did they have to make sure the tape measure was rigid?
    • For initial assessment and serial examination, the size of the mass may be measured using calipers or a tape measure.
    • You could also measure the circumference with a cloth tape measure and divide it by 3.14 to determine the diameter.