Traducción de taskmaster en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈtæskˌmæstər//ˈtɑːskmɑːstə/


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    to be a hard taskmaster ser muy estricto y exigente
    • ambition is an exacting taskmaster la ambición ejerce una tiranía implacable
    • It involves hard choices and you have to be a hard taskmaster.
    • Generations of children in the town have grown up knowing her as a hard taskmaster in her role as a swimming instructor.
    • Soden has been portrayed in some quarters as a hard taskmaster who doesn't suffer fools gladly.
    • I appreciated the counselling of compassion and acceptance, since my tendency is to be a harsh taskmistress.
    • He can and will make mistakes and a public growing weary of this government will prove to be hard taskmasters when polling day comes around.
    • I'm a hard taskmaster and there is still room for improvement.
    • But history is a hard taskmaster and she has also bequeathed to us all the problems arising from the defeats and betrayals of the socialist revolution in the twentieth century.
    • The novel and the film tell the story of a piano instructor, Erika, a demanding taskmaster who embarks on a dramatic affair with a younger music student.
    • It is this very attention to detail that gives Miquel such a grasp of the businesses he runs, but also leads critics to describe him as difficult, a hard taskmaster and obsessive.
    • He seemed a hard taskmaster, but he did it all for what he saw to be the ultimate good.
    • He was my first guru and was a hard taskmaster, adamant about me getting the basics of my training in Carnatic music right.
    • We object to the portrayal of Jesus as a demanding taskmaster who will send us to hell if we fail to live as faithful Christians.
    • He is said by colleagues to be a hard taskmaster who does not tolerate failure.
    • He went to train in Paris, Belgium and Scotland under harsh taskmasters.
    • She's quite a hard taskmaster: everything has to be just right.
    • Having come face-to-face with the king of political interviews on his other show, University Challenge, she has nothing but praise for the hard taskmaster.
    • Not only is it a hard taskmaster, insatiable in the demands it makes on its followers, it often saves the best till last.
    • And he is a hard taskmaster where science is concerned.
    • Renowned as a hard taskmaster who drives his charges to the limit, he admits to being a straight-talking sort who fell out with the rulers of amateur boxing in his native country.
    • Martin, the course director, is something of a harsh taskmaster when he wants to be.