Traducción de tasteful en Español:


de buen gusto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈteɪs(t)fəl//ˈteɪs(t)f(ə)l//ˈteɪs(t)fʊl/


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    (display/decor) de buen gusto
    the subject was dealt with in a tasteful way el tema se trató con delicadeza
    • Every year now brings the opening of some tasteful new attraction.
    • Well, they've dealt with some pretty thorny issues in a reasonably tasteful way.
    • Her eyes were an impossible pale blue, and were accented by tasteful gold wire-rimmed glasses.
    • The video is about as tasteful and as sensitive as you would imagine it to be.
    • The Piccadilly side of the river could, indeed, be made much better with some tasteful development and facilities.
    • Judgements on what is tasteful and what is not in a burial ground are not easy.
    • It showed a good bit of skin, but in the right places to make it tasteful and elegant.
    • It treads a delicate line between tasteful extravagance and over-the-top kitsch - you decide.
    • Am I ready for the blandness of tasteful white walls and artistic black and white photographic prints?
    • Rather than creating a tasteful artist, we have in many cases, trained robots.
    • The use of that claim at the beginning of Wolf Creek was not, in my opinion, tasteful or appropriate.
    • Period features and tasteful decor should attract buyers looking for a property ready to move into.
    • Maybe some tasteful interior alterations could be made retaining most of the original features, eg the panelling.
    • Please keep your answers clean and tasteful, and only slightly surreal.
    • This might not be an album which turns the world on its head, but it's elegant, tasteful and probably his best yet.
    • Last fall it was all about retro lady-like colour-coordination and tasteful leather.
    • The town's tasteful festival appearance should help to boost its economic life this Christmas.
    • They are simple and tasteful, as I am not a fan of Christmas decorations in general.
    • The only way this town's name should find its way back on the map is through a tasteful commemorative national park.
    • Tucked away amongst the tasteful hotels and high-walled houses, is the Nativity Church.