Traducción de tavern en Español:


taberna, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtav(ə)n//ˈtævərn/


  • 1

    taberna femenino
    • He'd go to taverns and drink for a week straight.
    • Lynn sighed, and followed her, while Pip headed towards another tavern to find a drink.
    • The third supervises the tavern and the food and drink being served by her husbands.
    • Sutherland says her mother didn't drink much at home, but often came home drunk from local taverns.
    • For instance, councils run liquor undertaking establishments in form of taverns which complemented their income generation initiatives.
    • During his life, Frans Hals spent much of his spare time in taverns drinking and having fun.
    • We had met Seamus a bit earlier over in the nearby Bull's Head tavern where some of the folks were dining.
    • Salinger finds a distinct difference in the ‘culture of drink’ fostered by taverns that catered to the poor.
    • Men sat inside the taverns drinking and brawling or looking for the company of a woman.
    • I don't know what it is about bars and bar food - these little taverns know how to take care of you on a Friday night.
    • After wandering for a while, Cathena stops by a small tavern for a drink and a bite to eat.
    • The girl worked as a waitress in her father's tavern through the very door we're standing next to.
    • A group of friends are having a drink in a tavern with Matthew among them.
    • When his wife left he became a drunk, spent any spare time he had drinking ale in the tavern.
    • So that night we go do the show, which was in some basement tavern full of rednecks and bikers.
    • With a few boxes like this one, he could buy that tavern he wanted and offer cool drinks in the summer.
    • A four-hour course and a booklet are being offered to restaurants, bars, taverns and sundry drinking establishments as of September.
    • She leaves him to sleep outside until he has money to pay for the beer he has drunk in her tavern.
    • On this particular day he was slumped in a chair in the tavern, drinking again, when a strange figure entered.
    • They had stopped off at a local tavern for a drink and then called it a night.