Traducción de tax en español:


impuesto, n.

Pronunciación: /tæks//taks/


  • 1

    (in UK, in US)
    (individual charge) impuesto masculino
    (individual charge) tributo masculino formal
    (masculine plural) (in general) impuestos
    how much tax do you pay ¿cuánto paga de impuestos?
    • free of tax libre de impuestos
    • to pay one's taxes pagar los impuestos
    • I paid $1,500 in tax(es) pagué 1.500 dólares de / en impuestos
    • to put / place a tax on sth gravar algo con un impuesto
    • (in US) federal/state taxes impuestos federales/estatales / del estado
    • tax on goods/services impuesto sobre mercancías/servicios
    • tax deducted at source retenciones fiscales
    • it can be offset against tax(es) es desgravable
    • before/after taxes /tax
    • I earn £17,000 before/after tax(es) gano 17.000 libras sin descontar/descontados los impuestos
    • profits before/after tax(es) beneficios antes/después de impuestos
    • the first £2,000 is free of tax las primeras 2.000 libras son / están libres de impuestos
    • $20 including tax 20 dólares impuestos incluidos
    • before noun tax abatement / relief desgravación (fiscal)
    • tax base base imponible / impositiva
    • tax burden carga tributaria / fiscal
    • I get tax credits for my mortgage me desgravan el interés sobre la hipoteca
    • tax demand solicitud de pago de impuestos
    • tax form formulario de declaración de renta
    • tax incentive incentivo fiscal
    • tax law (discipline) derecho tributario
    • tax loophole laguna fiscal
    • for tax purposes a efectos fiscales / impositivos
    • tax rebate / refund devolución de impuestos
    • tax revenue recaudación fiscal / tributaria
    • the tax system el sistema / el régimen tributario / fiscal
    • (in UK) the tax year el año / ejercicio fiscal
    • A carbon tax is a tax on the use of energy.
    • More than two-thirds of those surveyed said higher-income workers should pay tax on all their wages.
    • The empirical results indicate that a tax cut produces revenue and incentives to save.
    • Under the current method rates are increasingly becoming a wealth tax or a tax on assets held in the form of land.
    • Clearly, lower taxes reinforced the spending splurge that generated the explosion in indirect tax receipts allowing taxes to be cut further.
    • Doing so will decrease their total tax bill on personal income when compared to reasonable salary levels.
    • Corporations often negotiate down their tax liability in disputed transactions.
    • In short, the income tax was not initially a tax on wages, nor on the working class.
    • Both opposed income taxes, excise taxes, and taxes on wealth in general.
    • There is nothing in the Constitution to prevent the States collecting their own income taxes (or taxes on services).
    • Thus a tax on rent may represent a violation of justice while a tax on other incomes does not.
    • The general property tax was thus a tax on rent of land and the interest from its associated capital.
    • Second, lower prices for gasoline and other fuels are acting like a giant tax cut for both consumers and businesses.
    • So you will not have to pay tax on the expenses that are reimbursed to you, and the company will be able to allow the costs against its tax.
    • It would have replaced the corporate income tax with a tax on the net return to capital for all businesses.
    • The administration established tariffs, which amounts to a tax on all consumers of steel.
    • All local governments in Kenya have taxing authority, including the right to levy a tax on property.
    • Reliable means exist to project the potential revenue of existing taxes in this business cycle.
    • The revenue from a tax on oil companies would then be passed directly to the motorist through cuts in fuel duty.
    • Increase the progressivity of the federal income tax, and finance Medicare through increased sin taxes, gas taxes, and general revenue.
    • The only tax on the reader's mind is to remember as many facts as possible.
  • 2

    carga femenino
    it was a tax on my resources me puso a prueba
    • it proved too great a tax on his health su salud no lo resistió

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (company/earnings/goods) gravar
    we're being taxed too highly nos están cobrando demasiado en impuestos
    • my income is taxed at source mis ingresos ya vienen con los impuestos descontados
  • 2

    (health/resources/strength) poner a prueba
  • 3formal

    to tax sb with sth acusar a algn de algo
    • she became evasive when taxed with the matter contestó con evasivas cuando se le planteó directamente el asunto
  • 4

    (bill/costs) tasar