Traducción de taxicab en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈtaksɪkab//ˈtæksiˌkæb/


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    • While taking a fare to Taipo, he saw another taxicab with the identical license plate number.
    • It is believed, however, that a limit on the supply of drivers alone, will not improve quality and income potential for drivers to the same degree as the proposed introduction of new taxicab licenses.
    • The technique has been popular for years among businesses with large liability exposures, such as tobacco and taxicab companies.
    • In fact, police say they did find a gun, on the floorboard in front of the passenger-side seat of the taxicab.
    • The taxicab fare to downtown Toronto is approximately $39 plus tip, with no extra charge for additional passengers.
    • ‘Major national retailers’ are not individuals to whom you return negotiable bonds found in the back seat of a taxicab.
    • After the driver brought him to the River Overlook Hotel, he gave the taxi driver a sixteen percent tip on his fare, and took his baggage out of the taxicab's trunk.
    • On Seventh Avenue, slack-jawed visitors scrambled for digital cameras, and taxicabs actually slowed down for something other than a fare.
    • But what if the car was used not for pleasure but purely as a means of transport, like the taxicab?
    • Joining them across the United States were lumbermen, fishermen, merchant marines, taxicab drivers, and inmates at Folsom, Attica, and Statesville.
    • No doubt, it is the bazillions of lights, taxicabs, shadow-casting skyscrapers, and bustling pace that incite my heart to pump a little faster.
    • It's easy to get around St. Martin by bus or taxicab - and you should definitely take a tour - but the French side has the more picturesque anchorages.
    • Circumstances cause Vincent to hijack Max's taxicab, and Max becomes collateral - an expendable person in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    • Ask porters and taxicab drivers to carry your luggage whenever possible.
    • At 11:00 pm, he took a taxicab to return to the Hyatt Hotel.
    • The view from the back of any taxicab in Greece is a character-building experience.
    • At 8:30 am, the work was done here and the American reporter left by taxicab.
    • I was in a taxicab riding around with the cab driver asking him about his business.
    • I love reading those ridiculous ‘Riders' Bill of Rights’ things posted in taxicabs throughout the country.
    • This is phase I of a project that will eventually be extended to include arming all drivers of any sort of public transportation, including city buses, subway trains, and taxicabs.