Traducción de taxpayer en Español:


contribuyente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtæksˌpeɪər//ˈtakspeɪə/


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    contribuyente femenino
    • This way you can save the charity tax, and higher rate taxpayers can even cut their own personal tax bills.
    • Were it not for taxes, the taxpayer would have spent his money on his own consumption.
    • Is it ethical to waste the time of patients and staff and taxpayers ' money?
    • That is why taxpayers ' money is not being spent on an eradication attempt at this time.
    • At the very least, this flaw wastes huge sums of taxpayers ' money and police officers' time.
    • Since the ratepayer is also a taxpayer, much of that grant will have come out of his own income tax.
    • A special dividend would have meant higher rate taxpayers would have had to pay additional tax.
    • Tax experts say this is one of the biggest money savers of which taxpayers are ignorant.
    • Traffic calming measures across the centre of Devizes, what a waste of taxpayers ' money!
    • How do the citizens and taxpayers of Utah benefit from your proposed legislation?
    • All the remaining costs arising from sexual abuse cases will fall on the taxpayer.
    • We do not believe that the taxpayer should bear the cost of benefits accruing to a few in society.
    • Who voted for these measures, for which the taxpayer has been forced to foot the bill?
    • It is a pointless plan and a waste of the taxpayers ' money in a time of government cutbacks.
    • The message exhorted is that we should spend a lot of taxpayers ' money on it despite a lack of evidence of benefit.
    • It is a sample taken from one state agency to remind taxpayers how their money is spent.
    • Instead, he wants to use taxpayers money to help the losers, and there will be many.
    • Should this benefit be conferred on the few at the cost of the taxpayer at large?
    • His spokesman added that the move would not cost taxpayers any extra money.
    • If you're a higher-rate taxpayer, you get income tax relief on your dividends too.