Traducción de tea rose en Español:

tea rose

rosa (de) té, n.


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    rosa (de) té femenino
    • Hybrid tea roses open slowly - and only once - and terminate their life by petal abscission.
    • Unlike the stiff and fussy hybrid tea roses, these roses make excellent landscape shrubs.
    • Unlike it's haughty cousin, the hybrid tea rose, which takes endless tending, spraying and deadheading, an antique rose is almost carefree.
    • A few years ago, your magazine cover showcased a new hybrid tea rose called ‘Sunset Celebration’.
    • Fall pruning of hybrid tea roses should consist of removing some of the top, brushy growth.
    • Dig out that hybrid tea rose that suffers from black spot and replace it with an easy-going butterfly bush.
    • Typically the orchid Coelogyne cristata with its gold and white bloom was used, as were the apricot buds of tea roses.
    • The Association has already given the Queen 50 rose bushes for her garden at Buckingham Palace, and Gracious Queen, a scented hybrid tea rose, has been planted at Balmoral and Holyroodhouse Palace in Scotland.
    • Imagine the light of a new day softly illuminating the velvet petals of a hybrid tea rose.
    • The rose gardens contain many commercially available roses, such as floribundas, grandifloras and hybrid tea roses.
    • Your tulip buds and hybrid tea roses are dessert.
    • It blooms from June to late October and has amazing fall color with a slight tea rose fragrance.
    • Prune back your hybrid tea roses, any overgrown forsythia and flowering quince branches and remove the dead, diseased and damaged branches from all trees and shrubs as you tidy up this time of year.
    • The amount of protection a hybrid tea rose needs depends on the climate.
    • The most commonly planted type of bush rose is the hybrid tea rose.
    • They provide the foundation of many hybrid tea roses seen today.
    • Dusting with rose powder is recommended for tea roses to keep off black spot and powdery mildew.
    • The roses were assorted, long stem, tea roses, red, yellow, pink, white, you name it, he had it.
    • I had my own little garden in the orchard, where I grew hybrid tea roses.
    • After all, this is not a genteel poem about angels, carousels, and tea roses.