Traducción de tea shop en Español:

tea shop

Pronunciación /ˈtiːʃɒp/



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    • They have also identified 15 activities for the disabled to earn few rupees independently, as leaf plate making, sericulture, or a small loan is given to say start a tea shop.
    • Interestingly, Deepak ran a tea shop near Gurthalli bridge and had made a strong network by coming in contact with other youths through friends.
    • You can visit a tea shop in Darband courtesy of Daily Dose of Imagery.
    • We drove around looking for a tea shop but everywhere (candyfloss and chip shops aside) was closed on account of the bank holiday.
    • There are some great shots of Helen, Sarah and me at the tea shop in Budleigh which we went to, and a couple of good ones from the pub in the evening (luckily no shots of the dancing!
    • While we sat waiting, the weather improved, there was a nice tea shop and a young lad making fresh sandwiches, and once on our way it was soon forgotten.
    • Though in Lynne's version of the story homicide is avoided; possibly because he has consumed a ham sandwich in a bar rather than a salad in a tea shop.
    • Yesterday they closed the tea shop so they could bury him.
    • Quite right, I thought, without irony, reading this in a tea shop.
    • We started with a youth group in my tea shop, Chofhs.
    • If the chance meeting of the country mouse from the Norfolk tea shop and Father Christmas on the streets of London sounds the stuff of a fairytale, then think again.
    • Under the peepal tree behind the tower, a tea shop has come up to cater to the needs of the auto-drivers who park their vehicles at the adjoining auto stand.
    • Anyhow, Brazil had equalised by the time we got to Liverpool Street, they scored a second goal while I was buying breakfast in Sainsburys, and as I arrived at the tea shop England was ejected from the World Cup.
    • That must be why many students opt for chowing outside the campus at the local tea shop, the corner dhaba or the truckstop in the city.
    • The video clipping shows the four members who include an autorickshaw driver meeting at a tea shop to finalise their place of operation.
    • Instead we drank coffee in a tea shop populated by old ladies for whom the epitome of lively conversation is to describe the various ways in which their bodies are falling to pieces.
    • A York man barricaded himself in his tea shop for three days as the River Ouse rose higher and higher at the peak of this week's floods.
    • Fans watching the match at a tea shop near the Bakery junction danced in glee, and distributed sweets even as the ‘little master’ was chosen as the man of the match.
    • It has a tea shop, some steps and a view over the swamp and the YMCA.
    • ‘We wanted to do something in memory of Bob,’ said Miss Bushell, 44, who now runs the tea shop with her mother, Grace.