Traducción de teach-in en Español:


seminario, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈtitʃ ˌɪn/



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    seminario masculino
    • But what may have been most interesting about the teach-in was what the speakers persistently ignored.
    • No one does conferences, workshops and teach-ins better than those well-intentioned and passionate liberal Christians.
    • Think of all the events, teach-ins, conferences, discussions, ‘debates,’ that have been held.
    • Across the country, there are teach-ins and seminars and conferences remembering Brown.
    • Other forms of grassroots education include talks, workshops, teach-ins, conferences and independent classes.
    • Supporters established websites and organized rallies and teach-ins around the country, demanding that members of Congress stop the persecution of Lee.
    • Their website offers educational material for teach-ins.
    • Anti-war movement teach-ins, discussion meetings and debates continue to attract large and enthusiastic audiences across Britain.
    • For years activists have called attention to the plight of the Palestinians through protests, teach-ins, and seminars.
    • We have had candlelight vigils, rallies, lobbying efforts, town meetings, teach-ins of various sorts.
    • These coalitions should organise discussion groups, teach-ins and debates in every school, college and workplace.
    • In the meantime, we should be organizing teach-ins and town meetings on electoral democracy.
    • The Carnival will include workshops, teach-ins, concerts, conferences, cabarets, street theatre, protests, and direct action.
    • Use it as a springboard for a teach-in, discuss it in classes…
    • Throughout the week, the education workers plan to set up a tent at the Education Ministry and to conduct teach-ins to inform the public about their plight.
    • A noon-time rally was followed by debates, teach-ins and panel discussions that lasted the entire afternoon.
    • All who disagreed openly were barred from the radical teach-in at the public school.
    • The caravanistas teamed up with local organizers to host panel discussions, town hail meetings, workshops, teach-ins, street theatre, speak outs, media conferences, rallies, marches and puppet making.
    • It will bring together activists from across the hemisphere and feature workshops, conferences, teach-ins, and demonstrations.
    • In Seattle itself the week of the meeting was paralleled by literally hundreds of lectures, workshops, teach-ins, seminars and debates about the WTO.