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    • There are students in private colleges and techs and they're getting an education.
    • Then I started teaching a bit at the local tech, got the academic bug, and took a few courses.
    • I got a clue to their relationship on the first day of the tech.
    • I've been accepted at the tech school here, and I want to continue my education so that I can have a wider range of knowledge about repairs.
    • I'd left school having failed the 11+ exams, but with the encouragement of my parents I went to the local Tech to do "O" level GCE's.
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    • There is no tech transfer without new technology.
    • If you want details of battery tech, check this out.
    • Now we see companies with doubtful credentials entering tech ventures for the sake of attracting investment.
    • Meanwhile, it's digital media and emerging tech, all new, all the time.
    • As far as stock selection is concerned, the biggest trend in the world today is away from tech and telecom companies.
    • They have a 10 story mart with all things tech related.
    • In science and tech, this week we look at identities and cyberspace.
    • If there's just a personality conflict with your company service tech, you can lose your contract over that.
    • Elsewhere, analysts saw little respite for battered tech and telecoms shares, which have struggled amid the gloomy corporate earnings picture.
    • But while defensive stocks fell back, tech, telecom and media companies were adding their support to the market.
    • Yet, it's not only tech companies that are targeting the appealing demographics and psychographics of indie film fans.
    • Both companies didn't see a strong enough return to tech spending.
    • I've never paid a dime for any tech show I've gone to, nor would I.
    • In London, tech, telecom and media stocks were bearing the brunt of the sell-off as investors looked for safe havens in the current unsettled climate.
    • This is still my personal web site and is not going to mutate into a vertical blog about tech, design, politics, pop culture, or even asbestos.
    • Anybody with experience in theatre, acting, set, costume and prop making, lighting and sound tech is especially welcome.
    • Most technology investors focus on tech companies that sell to enterprises.
    • This kind of embedded tech has been used in high-quality printers for decades.
    • It's a big gamble for Tom, but his company has handled major tech overhauls before.
    • The cult of minimal tech - with its laptop-loving geeks and programming panache - hardly seems a hot trend.
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