Traducción de technicality en Español:


detalle técnico, n.

Pronunciación /ˌtɛknəˈkælədi//ˌtɛknɪˈkalɪti/

nombrePlural technicalities

  • 1

    detalle técnico masculino
    there are still technicalities to be solved todavía quedan por resolver algunos detalles técnicos
    • she was acquitted on a technicality fue absuelta en virtud de un tecnicismo jurídico
    • New guidelines to independent appeals panels call for them to take into account the impact on the whole school of bringing back excluded pupils, and not to reinstate pupils on a technicality.
    • A charge was brought against the officer who was found not guilty on a technicality.
    • Often, forensic testimony is dismissed on a technicality, like an assumption the investigator made or the way he described something to the jury.
    • The Court must rule on a technicality about the institution's legal status, not that the director was a serial abuser.
    • In any event, no serious artiste should want to enter any level of competition purely on the basis of a loophole or technicality.
    • Having decided the decision between borrowers and lenders on the legal interpretation of a single word, he then hides behind another technicality.
    • He was acquitted on a technicality last month, but has been asked by the government to provide a full explanation for his conduct.
    • Who knows, maybe something good will come of this, or maybe, as often happens, the whole process will get stuck in some kind of regulation technicality or other.
    • The case was then sent back for a retrial on a technicality.
    • Charges of making false medical aid claims against him were dropped on a technicality and he instantly claimed he was innocent.
    • The life of a prosecutor is not an easy one especially when offenders are acquitted on a technicality.
    • And in a third major terrorism case, the Justices ruled on a technicality, sidestepping the merits of that case.
    • The Tennessee Supreme Court eventually reversed that conviction on a technicality, and the law was finally repealed in 1967.
    • The civil case was dismissed on a technicality but was later revived.
    • So it's a formal legal rule that has saved them, rather than a technicality.
    • The only people it really helps are those accused of crime in the courts, to allow them sometimes to get off on a technicality.
    • They won on a technicality and now I am supposed to pay a lot of money which I won't pay.
    • But this is all a matter of procedure and technicality, not the moral heart of the matter.
    • This conviction was later overturned on a technicality.
    • But the conviction was overturned on a technicality.
  • 2

    (of language, style)
    tecnicismo masculino
    • Traditional ballet as a whole is being laid to rest in the ethereal stage technicality of rolling smoke and the dancers playing dead.
    • The nature of average war cinema is one that trivializes the human consequences of war for a focus on pure excitement, strategy and technicality.
    • Some level of technicality in the treatment seems unavoidable.
    • The band's strong technicality is vividly evident throughout.
    • He skilfully manages to convey the meat of the science without undue technicality, but also without any dumbing down.