Traducción de technique en Español:


técnica, n.

Pronunciación /tɛkˈniːk//tɛkˈnik/


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    técnica femenino
    • The writers also rejected phonics as a technique for teaching spelling.
    • The construction technique was used extensively from little shanties to small village chapels.
    • There are two surgical techniques that can be successfully used for osteoarthritis.
    • However photographic techniques have been used to investigate the separate stages.
    • The latest scientific and forensic techniques are being applied to evidence in the case as part of a review.
    • This might not be too bad if each surgeon carried out both techniques because there would be some sort of balance.
    • We wouldn't be able to license immediately, we would need to go through the procedures for a novel technique.
    • With modern surgical techniques, the limb that was once doomed to amputation can often be saved.
    • They also say that an undisclosed Mediterranean country has agreed to allow the technique to be carried out.
    • The clinic uses conventional and alternative techniques to audit your general health.
    • According to the scientists, the technique could be adapted for use in separating minerals.
    • The narrative technique is traditional to the point of being old-fashioned, as mentioned above.
    • Canopy management techniques are used to maintain yield and wine quality in such situations.
    • Even when the printing technique changed, the images were still based on those plates.
    • Patients in the surgery group were operated on by surgeons using a surgical technique of their choice.
    • It is becoming a scientific technique for controlling the child's development.
    • There are several psychological techniques to help people cope with dementia.
    • The simple answer to this is that there are always new scientific techniques which can reveal more and more.
    • It's strange how even construction techniques in the tropics can seem exotic.
    • Katharine's work, by contrast, uses the traditional technique of wheel engraving.