Traducción de technophobe en Español:


tecnófobo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛknəˌfoʊb//ˈtɛknə(ʊ)fəʊb/


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    tecnófobo masculino
    tecnófoba femenino
    • The school plans to open a cyber café in the technology building to create a relaxed environment for technophobes.
    • This ideologically diverse group is made up of cultural pessimists, environmentalists, traditionalists, egalitarians, and technophobes.
    • I am not a technophobe, but I am wary of giving out personal financial information over the internet, and the thought of my entire medical history floating somewhere in cyberspace doesn't fill me with confidence.
    • There exist technophobes who are scared of the technology and will not use it even if they have access.
    • I use e-mail to talk to colleagues, but I'm a little bit of a technophobe when it comes to everything else.
    • All through my working life I tried to avoid using computers and was rather a technophobe (fear of computers particularly).
    • Libraries across Swindon are offering free computer sessions for technophobes.
    • The barman gave us a look of exasperation that I could remember giving a thousand technophobes before when they asked what the Internet was for.
    • The machine will monitor the patient's condition itself and will only operate if the conditions for its use are right, so there is no problem there, even for technophobes.
    • The technophobes have always worried that technology is isolating us but surely the opposite is happening.
    • In the last few years, most of us - even instinctive technophobes like me - have become practised in the dark art of surveillance.
    • If you're a technophobe, hire someone with computer skills who can help you transfer your paper billing system to a computer program.
    • This made sense, even to an inveterate technophobe like myself.
    • For every technophile who wants 24/7 connectivity there is probably a technophobe that fears being tracked down or identified by secret chips implanted in some electronic device he or she is carrying.
    • The technophiles and apparent technophobes at the conference seldom engaged closely with each other's presentations and ideas.
    • All the same, it's rather embarrassing when I score lower than a technophobe when trying to figure out how to use a simple machine.
    • In fact, it was so easy to do that I think a technophobe could figure it out as well.
    • He's a complete technophobe, who has difficulty operating any technical gadget invented since 1950; even an electric toaster is a challenge for his technical know-how.
    • There has to be room for the technophobes as well as the technophiles.
    • While four other teachers had some experience in computer use, one had only a very low level of computer competency, and another was a self-confessed technophobe.