Traducción de teddy en Español:


osito de peluche, n.

(teddy bear)

Pronunciación /ˈtɛdi//ˈtɛdi/

nombrePlural teddies

  • 1

    osito de peluche masculino
    • By a little after noon, David was awake and asking for his mom and Ben, his teddy bear.
    • We went and bought a teddy bear for my little brother and drove to the hospital to see him.
    • She nodded and sat down on my bed, picking up my stuffed teddy bear and hugging it.
    • All she did was sit in one corner of her room and stare into empty space while hugging her teddy bear.
    • We all remember how important it was as a child to have a teddy bear or blanket to comfort us when we were scared or alone.
    • Two years ago a giant teddy bear was swiped from its window display, just half an hour after being put on show.
    • Year five and six children sold cakes and raised money through the guessing the name of the teddy bear and the number of marbles game.
    • John, who brought his teddy bear with him, did not publish his reminiscences until 1952.
    • By the time they got to us the girl must have been feeling traumatised, because she asked if she could borrow a teddy bear for the night.
    • The kitchen department organised a raffle for a teddy bear which raised another £69.
    • Boom was just a teddy bear, a little worn around the ears, soft and agreeable to hold.
    • There will be a variety of stalls, including one to name a teddy bear.
    • Among his birthday presents, which are now up for grabs, is a huge teddy bear and a luxury picnic hamper.
    • A TRAVELLING teddy bear named Phineas Fogg is racking up the air miles to support his village church.
    • I looked at my sister, who was playing with my teddy bear on the bed.
    • How could you not love the idea of giving a teddy bear to a saddened and scared child?
    • She found it easily, an old teddy bear that she had used to soothe her to sleep every night when her parents fought.
    • The white marble statue, which depicted a little girl holding a teddy bear, was taken in February last year.
    • She opened his door, moving quietly as she stepped over a teddy bear on the floor.
    • She had a teddy bear thrown out as a child, then started hoarding soft toys.