Traducción de telepathic en Español:


telepático, adj.

Pronunciación /tɛlɪˈpaθɪk//ˌtɛləˈpæθɪk/


  • 1

    (message) telepático
    (person) con telepatía
    (person) telépata
    I must be telepathic debo tener telepatía
    • For it will take time for him to build an understanding with team-mates who now have an almost telepathic knowledge of the way they play.
    • He was unusually psychic and telepathic.
    • He claimed that she had invited him to propose during one of their telepathic chats.
    • Mack says he was jolted when his subjects reported receiving telepathic warnings about man's decimation of natural resources.
    • I'm not telepathic, no more than you are.
    • We would have an exhibition but it would also be ' come in and find out if you're telepathic '. "
    • Conversely, more than a quarter of the people who said they had had no other kinds of telepathic experience were seemingly telepathic in relation to telephone calls.
    • But Bill does admit to having had a few real-life mysterious experiences - including an almost telepathic relationship with his opera designer wife, Hildegard.
    • In fact, nobody seemed to have any telepathic powers at all.
    • These surveys reveal that seemingly telepathic experiences in connection with telephone calls are remarkably common.
    • They declared that they could detect no trickery and that the horse was genuinely telepathic.
    • The usual telepathic communication between the players is in evidence.
    • Psychic drift may account for some telepathic subjects guessing the wrong card, photo, video clip, etc.
    • We played together for years and had an almost telepathic understanding on the field.
    • Funny, both Graham and I - friends since the age of five - seemed to have a telepathic connection.
    • The cover story left us with queries like, Are we all telepathic?
    • I agree about Nancy being telepathic by the way she has responded to me.
    • She is exceptionally gifted, and possesses strong telepathic and telekinetic powers, which saved the day on many occasions.
    • Living in this world is Luchino, a seventeen year old girl with a tragic past and hidden telepathic abilities.
    • The four friends are telepathic.
    • My mum, being her usual telepathic self, came over to check I was okay.
    • The result is that he imparts to them some sort of telepathic gift.
    • Using his telepathic powers he tries to enter the mind of a recently deceased man before all his memories vanish.
    • The author has had some previous spontaneous experiences at apparently effective telepathic sending.
    • Then she explained that she was sending out a powerful telepathic message.
    • Like other Time Lords, he is partially telepathic.
    • This program is an educational program delivered via the Internet, in conjunction with a new form of telepathic communication.
    • He concluded that the only tenable hypothesis for the horse's abilities was that the horse was telepathic.
    • Once again, it seems as though Taupin has been telepathic.
    • Psychics also addresses the unique, sometimes telepathic, bond between twins.
    • It's about a team of telepathic superheroes who can read each other's thoughts - that's right, without moving their lips.
    • Despite my obvious affinity with the man, I'm afraid I haven't been able to acheive a telepathic connection to ask him who he is.
    • Females, who made up 75 % of the telepathic experience writers, had telepathic experiences 91 % of the time with their girlfriend or another female friend.
    • Brady told Wilson the pair were so close they were " almost telepathic ".
    • We were in another state of being altogether, we were telepathic most of the time.
    • People in rural areas have remained connected with healing traditions based on telepathic methods and herbs and herbal ointments.
    • In season three of the original series, she played a telepathic alien doctor in "Is There No Truth in Beauty?"
    • People differ in ability in mathematics, music, visual acuity and all other respects, so individual differences in telepathic sensitivity would seem likely.
    • He said that it was not possible for job sharers to work together unless they were telepathic.