Traducción de telephonist en Español:


telefonista, n.

Pronunciación /tɪˈlɛf(ə)nɪst//ˈtɛləˌfoʊnəst/



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    telefonista masculino
    • He served for various lengths of time as a postman and a telephonist and also drove a bus in the district.
    • Pinched-faced telephonists in drab maroon overalls intone ‘at your service ‘over and over again.
    • For most of the years she has been involved with the Special Constabulary, Bernice has held down a full-time job as a telephonist / receptionist.
    • It took up claims for equal pay on behalf of the women workers - including nurses, catering assistants, domestics, sewing machine assistants, porters and telephonists.
    • In July, London's police services could not have coped without the forensic experts, photographers, drivers, radio engineers, the men and women who built the mortuary, the telephonists, cooks and analysts.
    • Bill served as a telephonist in an artillery unit and in an intelligence unit in France.
    • She learned English so well she became the store's telephonist.
    • She was expecting her first child in December and was due to finish work as a telephonist in Manchester two weeks later.
    • With this sort of demand upon our telephonists we need to educate the public only to ring us when it is absolutely necessary.
    • As the telephonist has classified the call as urgent another duty doctor telephones the patient back within three minutes, in order to determine the seriousness of the situation.
    • He went on to say that at one time there were 200 telephonists employed at the telephone exchange in Waterford but now there is not a single telephonist working here.
    • They had served in the field as nurses and ambulance drivers and performed military support roles as cooks and orderlies, clerical workers, telephonists, and signallers.
    • The telephonist contacted the Police Information Room and a police car was despatched to the father's address.
    • Now 170 members of the private hire trade, both drivers and office telephonists, have petitioned the Council to fund the installation of cameras in minicabs and taxis.
    • The seminars are aimed at receptionists, telephonists and other front office employees.
    • He said: ‘Receptionists and telephonists tend to be very professional so I wasn't surprised at her patience.
    • A 21 year old telephonist, known to have Raynaud's phenomenon, presented with swollen right index and middle fingers without discoloration.
    • But some 15 percent of staff, including telephonists, medical records, transport and security staff would have their jobs sold off to private firms.
    • I was working as a GPO telephonist during the war when we wore earphones and a breastplate that supported a mouthpiece.
    • Astonishingly, the telephonist did not ask who was calling and simply put us through to the head of regional targets.