Traducción de telethon en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈtɛləˌθɑn//ˈtɛlɪθɒn/



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    programa de larga duración para recaudar fondos con fines benéficos
    • That's why I agreed to do the telethon, even though in the long term more than charity is needed.
    • Members will remember the telethons we used to have where people would make a donation and challenge other people to do the same.
    • It's part of our culture to have telethons and celebrity appeals and things like that.
    • In the end, both the concert and the telethon raised more than a million dollars.
    • In this it is like a legal offshoot of all those charity telethons for children.
    • Earlier this month, Johnny was among a galaxy of stars who manned the phones at a televised tsunami telethon to raise money for victims of the Asian disaster..
    • In September, a national telethon will be held to try to raise $5 million to help reconstruct the town.
    • It is not yet known how much money was raised by the telethon but early predictions suggest it could be over £70 million.
    • The telethon was to raise money for the people in need, to give them food where they had none, to put pharmaceuticals on their pharmacy shelves.
    • Anyway, I think this is a marvelous initiative, so when the telethon to raise the required funds airs, give generously!
    • This is more like an incredibly long concert as opposed to the traditional telethons of my youth.
    • He is now trying to organise a community radio telethon to raise more money.
    • In 1980 the appeal was broadcast for the first time as a telethon.
    • Stanley used to work on the telethon every year, often as its announcer and always answering phones.
    • But I'm begging people at this point, if you've never sent money in for a telethon, now is the time to do it.
    • They even dominate the new medium of television, serving as annual hosts of a polio telethon.