Traducción de temperamental en Español:


temperamental, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌtɛmp(ə)rəˈmɛn(t)l//ˌtɛmp(ə)rəˈmɛnt(ə)l/


  • 1

    (volatile, difficult)
    the car's being a bit temperamental lately el coche está un poco caprichoso últimamente
    • Yes, but they didn't want the temperamental personality.
    • I am a temperamental person myself, so I probably would've lashed out myself.
    • This friend is rather temperamental and I don't know how they'll react.
    • He was temperamental, a kind of simple man, withdrawn, a loner.
    • The players are not temperamental or emotional; they just get on with the job.
    • I am quite temperamental and if I think I've been treated unfairly it can cook up and then I boil over.
    • Tina bit her lip, wondering what kind of a mood her temperamental friend was in.
    • In the flesh, he was temperamental, and on the stage, wildly dramatic.
    • My mother always told me I was too temperamental for my own good.
    • After saying that she realized it probably wasn't the best thing she could say to a temperamental customer.
    • Her character is a fiery, temperamental woman who likes to get her own way.
    • He started to find that he was increasingly temperamental around Alexandra.
    • Somehow the cameraman failed to achieve this, prompting an outburst from the temperamental artist.
    • I guess that would explain why he's so temperamental.
    • He might be a volatile, temperamental person but, she did not think that he was actually dangerous.
    • He is a very temperamental player, maybe too much sometimes.
    • She was a temperamental person and considerably forgetful.
    • Both men were temperamental and subject to long periods of brooding followed by explosive outbursts of anger.
    • He was sometimes a gruff and temperamental man, but his sense of humour came through in so many of his finest songs.
    • Alone in my room, I collapsed on my bed like a temperamental teenager and proceeded to drench my pillow with tears.
  • 2

    (inability/aversion) innato
    • No area of disagreement between Jung and Freud reflected more clearly the temperamental differences between them than their respective attitude to symbols.
    • It made no allowances for cultural, regional, political or temperamental differences.
    • Empirical studies have shown that different temperamental characteristics of the child elicit different parenting practices.
    • And there are temperamental differences among children.
    • And these religious temperamental differences of course, they're very much prominent in their literary output and their way of life.
    • Any mother of more than one child can see temperamental differences in her offspring almost from the moment of birth, qualities which only become more pronounced as her children age.
    • The final remedy given is usually that which matches the child's physical and temperamental constitution at birth.