Traducción de temperature en Español:


temperatura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛmp(ə)rəˌtʃʊr//ˈtɛmp(ə)rətʃər//ˈtɛmp(ə)rətʃə/


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    temperatura femenino
    air/body/water temperature la temperatura del aire/cuerpo/agua
    • what temperature is the water? ¿a qué temperatura está el agua?
    • a sharp increase in temperature un pronunciado aumento de temperatura
    • his speech raised the temperature of the discussion su intervención animó la discusión
    • Show your child how to use a simple thermometer to take the temperature of the water.
    • The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which the liquid boils.
    • The temperature at which a substance melts depends upon the external pressure on the solid.
    • With the outside temperature touching 43 degrees Celsius, the extreme heat policy was in force.
    • The main challenges are swimming in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the high winds, he says.
    • As the temperature of a substance is increased, so is the kinetic energy of the molecules.
    • After checking the time, he took out the thermometer and studied the temperature.
    • Food should be kept in the fridge because mould cannot flourish at a temperature below five degree centigrade.
    • Only in the study of quantum liquids at temperatures close to absolute zero does experimental accuracy approach Heisenberg's limit.
    • Ideally you should use a meat thermometer to monitor the temperature as you cook.
    • He would record the temperature, atmospheric pressure, the degree of cloud cover, whether there was rain or snow.
    • He studied seawater luminescence and ocean temperatures while charting the path of the Gulf Stream.
    • Heating a metal to temperatures below its melting point causes it to expand or increase in length.
    • These were based on the measurement of canopy temperature using infrared thermometers.
    • For a machine to attain full efficiency, temperatures of absolute zero would have to be incorporated.
    • Refrigeration is the cooling of substances below ambient temperatures by extracting heat from them.
    • With the proper enzymes present, biological temperatures suffice to allow reactions to proceed.
    • Meteorologists compare the two temperatures when calculating humidity and dewpoint.
    • Man can't land on Venus, where the surface temperature is 800 degrees Fahrenheit, but a robot can.
    • The Victorians usually used the Fahrenheit scale to measure temperature.
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    temperatura femenino
    fiebre femenino
    he has a temperature of 102° tiene casi 39° de fiebre
    • to take sb's temperature tomarle la temperatura a algn
    • he has a very high temperature tiene la temperatura muy alta
    • Until my fever broke on the evening of my first full day the nurses would take my temperature and change my ice packs every few hours.
    • The doctor will take your temperature and look at your abdomen.
    • They asked if she had a temperature and I replied that she did.
    • If the ambient temperature exceeds body temperature, heat cannot be dissipated by radiation.
    • Your child has to sit still for a short time while you take his temperature.
    • She had a temperature and some flu-like symptoms.
    • For some reason, children's bodies are less able to control high temperatures and fevers and sometimes this seems to cause a seizure.
    • This will normally stabilize heat balance and body temperature, but represents the last defence against cold.