Traducción de ten-gallon hat en Español:

ten-gallon hat

sombrero de cowboy, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈtɛn ˈˌɡælən ˈhæt/


  • 1

    sombrero de cowboy masculino
    sombrero de vaquero masculino
    • Choose your ten-gallon hat - white or black - and prepare to have a great time.
    • As customers stepped up to the long bar, cow punchers wearing ten-gallon hats served them drinks.
    • They identified his ten-gallon hat with the macho mystique of the Wild West.
    • The sheriff wore an oversized ten-gallon hat.
    • We make fun of their ten-gallon hats.
    • All you need is a six-shooter and a ten-gallon hat.
    • The boy beside him wore a black ten-gallon hat with snakeskin boots.
    • We say goodbye to the cowboy in the ten-gallon hat and leave.
    • Putting on boots and a ten-gallon hat can make you into a cowboy.
    • He often turned up for work in a ten-gallon hat.
    • He ignored the sweat pouring from beneath the brim of his freshly purchased ten-gallon hat.
    • You'll see people in blue jeans and cowboy boots wearing ten-gallon hats.
    • One of them had a big ten-gallon hat, such as those seen in western movies.
    • The cover showed him in a white ten-gallon hat.
    • Get on your ten-gallon hat and your cowboy boots for a night of good ol' honky-tonk.
    • Cowboy-themed shops lure you inside with western art, animal photographs and tasteful ten-gallon hats.
    • His dusty shirt was offset by a dull leather vest, and a broad, ten-gallon hat sat atop his bushy hair.
    • He is given to bright red neckties and ten-gallon hats.
    • He regularly boasts about his wealth and extravagant lifestyle, symbolized by his ten-gallon hat and limousine.