Traducción de tenable en Español:


defendible, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛnəb(ə)l//ˈtɛnəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (argument/theory) defendible
    (argument/theory) sostenible
    • The question is genuinely debatable, with tenable argument supporting each side.
    • It is no longer tenable to ignore substance abuse.
    • People eventually ended up opposing the war simply because the reasons for it became less and less tenable over time.
    • The facts simply do not make out a tenable cause of action against this defendant.
    • Mary's defence of mental disability was one that was tenable at law, if the evidence supported it.
    • Coming up with a tenable power-sharing agreement will be difficult and time-consuming.
    • I believe that over time that policy is going to change, because it's simply not tenable.
    • This position is, I believe, no longer tenable.
    • In my view, these grounds of objection are not legally tenable.
    • It is tenable to object to embryo research on ethical grounds.
    • I have not found that defense to be tenable.
    • Some say this understanding is no longer tenable.
    • In the future, the U.S. must fix goals which are tenable.
    • But in a globalized economy, old-fashioned isolationism just isn't tenable.
    • The belief in the dignity and nobility of man no longer seemed tenable to most intellectuals.
    • I've got to find a more tenable compromise.
    • Arguments and sentiments used in the past to justify wars are no more tenable.
    • He rejected it emotionally, but he did not advance a single tenable argument.
    • It was obvious that the deal was no longer tenable.
    • Though perhaps justified in the past, this worry is no longer tenable.
  • 2

    (position) defendible
    • The badminton ace has won a three-year International Badminton Federation scholarship tenable in China.
    • All the land that was tenable was taken by former generations and not for sale.
    • The scholarships are tenable at Oxford University.
    • The government is offering the scholarships in physical education tenable at Cuban universities for the academic year 2004 / 2005.
    • The scholarships, which are awarded in the former English colonial territories, USA and Germany, are tenable at the University of Oxford.
    • A draw was held for two half scholarships, tenable at the Adult Education College.
    • His final and lasting legacy was the establishment of the Rhodes Scholarships tenable at his alma mater, Oxford University.
  • 3Britanico

    (of fellowship, office)
    the post is tenable for seven years se puede ocupar el cargo durante siete años