Traducción de tenancy en Español:


tenencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛnənsi//ˈtɛnənsi/

nombrePlural tenancies

  • 1

    (holding, possession)
    tenencia femenino
    during their tenancy mientras ellos fueron (or sean etc.) los inquilinos / arrendatarios
    • A new tenancy agreement was offered but rent was too high.
    • Family members can look after the property if maintenance or tenancy problems arise.
    • The land has been occupied on tenancies or licences.
    • She will have to give up her tenancy.
    • Any further breaches of your tenancy agreement may result in the loss of your home.
    • He sold the land to the claimants and they granted him in return a rent-free life tenancy.
    • Tenants benefit from greater security of tenancy under the new act.
    • Some of the leaseholds were virtually worthless tenancies of shop-like premises.
    • His landlord gives him a week's notice to quit the house, although he is not in breach of his tenancy.
    • The tenancy would have lasted for less than ten months.
    • A section of the warehouse has been rented but that tenancy expires in October.
    • The tenants do not negotiate the terms of their tenancy agreements.
    • The only way we could secure the tenancy for her was to pay the whole 6 months up front.
    • Where there have been successive tenancies particulars should be given of each tenancy.
    • This information would have been readily available from your tenancy agreement.
    • The amount of land let under this type of tenancy has steadily increased.
    • Unless your tenancy has run out you cannot be evicted.
    • Secure rights of ownership or tenancy have not yet been established.
    • His right to occupy these areas was circumscribed by the terms of his tenancy.
    • A person cohabiting with another may succeed to some sort of tenancy on the partner's death.