Traducción de tenderfoot en Español:


novato, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛndərˌfʊt//ˈtɛndəfʊt/

nombrePlural tenderfeet, Plural tenderfoots


  • 1

    novato masculino
    novata femenino
    principiante masculino
    • He loses his tenderfoot status and eventually even becomes a rodeo celebrity.
    • I'll take care of the tenderfoot.
    • For a tenderfoot, the job of a rustler was a tough one to undertake.
    • The works are carefully chosen to suit both connoisseurs and tenderfoots.
    • It was a difficult environment for a tenderfoot.
    • He claimed he was a tenderfoot in this operation and was only doing his friend a favour.
    • Nobody will go lightly on him just because he's still something of a tenderfoot.
    • The tanks chase the terrified tenderfoot across a desolate battlefield.
    • At thirty-two, I imagined I was the oldest tenderfoot in the history of rock and roll.
    • Nothing troubled the woodsman more than being labeled a tenderfoot.
    • She wasn't a tenderfoot, and she wasn't going to stop just because she didn't have boots.
    • The prairie ain't for no tenderfoot, that's for sure.