Traducción de tenderness en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈtɛndərnəs//ˈtɛndənəs/


  • 1

    (soreness, sensitivity)
    there's still some tenderness todavía me (or le etc.) duele/molesta un poco
  • 2

    (of meat)
    lo tierno
    • Increasing tenderness of beef would likely increase consumer demand for beef.
    • The steak was grilled to perfection, yet retaining its juicy tenderness.
    • Extensive consumer evaluation has demonstrated that tenderness is the most important characteristic in determining the level of satisfaction reported for cooked beef products.
    • When the pasta is cooked to the tenderness you prefer, drain it in a sieve and tip into the pan of tomatoes.
    • To ensure its tenderness, the loin was first seared then cooked at a very low temperature for a couple of hours.
    • The natural flavour and tenderness of the salmon is not smothered and the combination is far more manageable.
    • Breeding cows for beef is often slow because the qualities of a top-grade cut, marbling and tenderness, are unknown until after a cow is slaughtered.
    • These genes can be manipulated and used to predict meat quality, tenderness, fat contact, milk yield and disease resistance.
    • The stars of her kitchen are her sauces, created by first seasoning and browning the meat, then letting it cook down slowly to exquisite tenderness in a rich brown sauce.
    • At this stage, the tenderness of meat can also be influenced by breaking it down physically.
    • In this dish, the veal is served in a broth-rich pot with the beef cooked to an ideal tenderness.
    • I can't vouch for their tenderness, as compared to other raw peas I've had in the past.
    • What is most important is the tenderness of the meat.
    • Beef processors have numerous techniques they can use to influence beef product tenderness including aging and various methods of mechanical tenderizing.
    • An anionic diet fed to steers did not alter plasma or muscle calcium concentrations or striploin steak tenderness.
  • 3

    ternura femenino
    cariño masculino
    • Thus the figures in the Glasgow painting seem to be subtly caught between grief, tenderness, and adoration.
    • His dark blue eyes gazed solemnly into hers, windows of tenderness.
    • I laughed with delight and laid my hand along his cheek, smiling at him as a sudden wave of tenderness swept me.
    • So looking back in tenderness along the road we trod, we will cherish the time we had with our dear sister, Ruby, and leave the rest to God.
    • The way he evoked in stone such tenderness in the faces of Mary and Jesus is incredible.
    • And you know, in there with the queasy grin fuel and crosseyed party favours are some special, secret moments of touching tenderness.
    • Positively, God exercises his sanctifying power in us in order to lovingly and with much tenderness draw us close to his heart.
    • When the song ended, they remained in a hug for that extra moment of tenderness.
    • The recurrence of the word "tranquility" suggests sensibility's modulated tone: it demanded tears, not sobs; tenderness, rather than emotional storms.
    • There are one or two ladies he refers to with special tenderness, but he remains unmarried.
    • In exquisite tenderness the passionate embrace, climbing higher towards ecstasy.
    • She held his sun-bronzed face between her hands, and gazed into his dark eyes with infinite tenderness.
    • She looked at him, and felt a wave of tenderness.
    • He stole the tenderness in her lips with fierce lust, not even closing the door before he began clawing at his belt.
    • There is silence in the awe of their powerful tenderness.
    • With a single drawn-out look of longing, Cserhalmi conveys an unworldly tenderness with his deeply penetrating eyes.
    • As much tenderness as he felt for her, he did not verbalize his feelings and thoughts.
    • Something in his voice caused me to raise my eyes to his, finding there a tenderness I had not expected.
    • This looked at the ups and downs of togetherness, from the tenderness of a long term Relationship, to the loss of a loved one.
    • He built the tenderness up slowly and carefully, until its consummation delivered a powerful emotional payoff.