Traducción de tennis en Español:


tenis, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛnəs//ˈtɛnɪs/


  • 1

    tenis masculino
    to play tennis jugar tenis Río de la Plata América Latina
    • Her father had never played tennis but had been impressed by Boris Becker on television.
    • It's a wonder he managed to concentrate on any tennis with so many other things on his mind.
    • Getting the ball over the net is important in tennis.
    • Once upon a time, any old canvas plimsoll would do for a spot of tennis or a jog around the park.
    • She has the best backhand in tennis, of both men or women.
    • He has some unexpected spare time and challenges me to a game of tennis.
    • He was a great lover of country life and enjoyed tennis and golf.
    • It was not creative tennis but it was enthralling nonetheless.
    • After a short break, I was playing tennis again.
    • He prides himself on being in shape, playing tennis and running on the treadmill to keep fit.
    • His tennis is so good that no-one can touch him.
    • People no longer had time to spare to play tennis all day.
    • Fishing and tennis are available nearby.
    • At one stage he thought he might give up tennis and take up football instead.
    • He is playing grass-court tennis of such perfection that it is hard to believe it will last.
    • She does sports twice a week, such as tennis or swimming.
    • She fits in a gentle game of tennis every week.
    • We don't play tennis at school much these days.
    • For so long tennis was a sport that only mattered for a couple of weeks every year.
    • The club is hoping that this year will see more people than ever taking up tennis and joining the club.