Traducción de terminal velocity en Español:

terminal velocity

velocidad terminal, n.


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    velocidad terminal femenino
    • He starts to fall, picks up speed, and accelerates to near his terminal velocity in the first 10 seconds.
    • The drops begin falling as rain or ice crystals as snow when they grow to a size that makes their terminal velocity faster than the rising air.
    • Initially they will accelerate, but they will soon reach a constant terminal velocity when the air resistance around them offsets their downward acceleration.
    • Because air resistance also depends on the shape of the object and so by tucking in your arms and legs you can reach a faster terminal velocity than if your arms and legs are spread out.
    • On their first jump, students are told that they will reach terminal velocity of 120 mph, the speed at which a body stops accelerating, about 10 seconds after leaving the plane.