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golondrina de mar, n.

Pronunciación /təːn//tərn/


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    golondrina de mar femenino
    • Virtually every conservation body in the land controls foxes to stop predation of a range of birds from terns to avocets to grey partridges.
    • In gulls and terns, differences in chick survival may be more affected by compositional changes in the amount of lipid or protein in the eggs than by overall size of the egg.
    • The estate is home to a variety of bird life, from breeding common terns, nightingales and tufted ducks to vast numbers of wintering birds, such as wigeon, smew and goosander.
    • Rhia was amazed that the marine birds - gulls, terns and cormorants - went about their business as though the weather were of little consequence.
    • Unlike many larger terns, the Common Tern does not have a crest.
    • Around the rocky shores sea birds such as gulls, terns, cormorants, gannets and puffins nested in the cliffs and dunes.
    • You may also observe jaegers, terns, and petrels as they make their long ocean journey and be rewarded with views of flying fish and the occasional humpback whale.
    • Although terns are closely related to seagulls, sharing a general black-and-grey pattern of plumage with their cousins, they have slim silvery bodies and deeply forked tails.
    • Unlike seabirds like terns or shearwaters, which can rest and feed along the way, the curlews will drown if they land on the ocean.
    • Even in Scotland, which has some thriving water-bird populations, species such as shag, arctic skua, herring gull, kittiwake and terns are under threat.
    • In this lagoon, brown pelicans, double-crested cormorants, great and snowy egrets, and numerous terns and gulls forage for fish and other items of food all day long.
    • Elegant Terns sometimes breed in mixed colonies with other terns or Heerman's Gulls, where their nests are packed closely together.
    • Reports from South Beach, Chatham, indicate extraordinarily high numbers of terns and shorebirds.
    • As you explore the tidal marshes and brackish ponds, remember to look upward from time to time: for osprey and terns diving in the sky and bald eagles on top of the tallest pines.
    • The waters surrounding Pigeon Island offer great fishing for sea birds including gulls, terns and the brown booby.
    • While there are few wild animals in Iceland, there is abundant birdlife - ducks, geese and, among the many sea-birds I spotted, petrels, puffins, tern, gannets, skuas and shearwaters.
    • Lone Little Gulls are often found amidst flocks of Bonaparte's Gulls and terns.
    • Here, 600 acres of the former Naval Air Station plus 400 acres of bay are being cleaned up for endangered California least terns as well as northern harriers, great blue herons, and brown pelicans.
    • The largest of the terns, the Caspian Tern is one of the most widespread tern species in the world, occurring on every continent except Antarctica.
    • Predators of barracuda include such birds as bald eagles and terns.