Traducción de terrarium en Español:


terrario, n.

Pronunciación /təˈrɛriəm//tɛˈrɛːrɪəm/

nombrePlural terrariums, Plural terraria

  • 1

    terrario masculino
    • They had glass terrariums chock-full of big, exotic insects.
    • I bought a terrarium and filled it with anything I could find in my surrounding environment.
    • Set up a terrarium within a fish tank, gold fish bowl, yogurt container, or even a jam jar.
    • Or there's the time we kept a huge golden-spotted salamander successfully in a terrarium for a whole year, or the summer we watched as a huge spider rebuilt a beautiful orb web in our upstairs bathroom window each night.
    • She crammed the wad under a glass terrarium with a large, green turtle in it, who strained his neck so as not to miss anything.
    • These experiments were performed at 25 0.5°C in glass terraria devoid of shelter to permit the rapid capture of prey.
    • While iguanas can be hard to handle due to their large adult size, there are many other smaller species of lizards that, while requiring significant care, are much more suited to life in a home terrarium.
    • Another time he left the terrarium with five absolutely deadly snakes open, next time he got bitten from one.
    • Gorb and colleagues discovered the tarantulas' silk-spinning abilities by examining glass plates scattered vertically in a tarantula terrarium.
    • Males were kept together in a terrarium (70 x 30 cm, height 30 cm) until September, with ad libitum food and water.
    • Visitors to his home always saw an aquarium, usually with an octopus and several exotic fish and often a terrarium.
    • Carlos crosses the beach with the cobra twisting in his arms, folds him into his terrarium, seals the lid, and breathes.
    • There's still room for the indoor pond filled with koi that eat out of your hand, not to mention the 15 aquariums and terrariums housing all manner of fish and reptiles, from freshwater stingrays to a bearded dragon lizard named Rex.
    • He once conducted an informal experiment in a terrarium on his desk, in which he placed a mixture of stones, pebbles, sand, and a few desert beetles large enough to budge marble-size stones as they propelled themselves across the ground.
    • You put a little of water in their terrarium, and you can put a log in there for them, and then feed them like some little bit of bread and Cheerios.
    • We examined a captive animal in a terrarium, where I fed it samples of the plants that grow on the mounds.
    • He's been fascinated with these creatures since childhood and now shares his bedroom with six of them in a large terrarium.
    • The terrarium doesn't appear to be heated, and it may be getting too much light.
    • In downtown L. A. there are tons of street vendors who sell little turtles in tiny plastic terrariums for $2 or $3 each.
    • In the laboratory the spiders were housed individually in plastic terraria.