Traducción de terrible en Español:


espantoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛrɪb(ə)l//ˈtɛrəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (very bad)
    (weather/movie/singer) espantoso
    (weather/movie/singer) atroz
    (movie/weather/singer) malísimo
    (weather/singer/movie) fatal España coloquial
    it will look terrible if we don't go quedará muy mal que no vayamos
    • to feel terrible (ill) sentirse / encontrarse pésimo / muy mal
    • she had (a) terrible toothache tenía un terrible dolor de muelas
    • that's terrible! ¡qué horror!
    • you're making a terrible mistake estás cometiendo un tremendo / terrible error
    • the terrible thing is … lo peor del caso es que …
    • she's a terrible one for exaggerating es muy exagerada
    • you're terrible! ¡qué malo eres!
    • Do you fear it getting to the administration at all, or do you think this is just a horrible, terrible business scandal?
    • I was never athletic, and I'm terrible at managing anger.
    • A spokesman said: ‘This was a truly terrible and tragic accident, at a time when they were supposed to be the happiest of their lives.’
    • Jose Macias has had a terrible time offensively and defensively at second this year, and rookie Oscar Salazar is short on experience.
    • We can see a poor man in terrible trouble yet fail to help him.
    • Most hair loss treatments are pretty terrible at growing new hair, but aren't bad when it comes to keeping existing hair.
    • Rosé expected the smell to be ghastly and terrible, but it wasn't.
    • ‘This film features the character as a terrible and unpleasant person,’ Roth said adding that he regards himself as an angry man.
    • No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't manage to wake himself from the dreams, stuck in the terrible hell that was his own mind.
    • This terrible tragedy has serious repercussions for animals, too.
    • He was in terrible pain and I rang for the ambulance.
    • This is a good time to mention that the Core Team is terrible at identifying birds.
    • Most of them are terrible at graphic design, and often see its deployment as an unwelcome imposition on their aesthetic vision.
    • Some people with terrible disabilities reveal extraordinary qualities, which enrich their own lives and those of people around them.
    • We learned, as too many other families learned, of the terrible pain and loneliness that must be endured as each day brings another reminder of this very long goodbye.
    • The only problem was that Jonah wasn't very important at all, at least in his humble opinion, and he was terrible at making plans of any sort.
    • I bit back the urge to scream, as the wind whistled past my face and I braced myself for a sickening thud and terrible landing.
    • Just looking at that terrible green and blue colour scheme is enough to make me shudder.
    • Here, despite the long and terrible years of the troubles, was a community rising on the economic and cultural tides, self-made and self-possessed.
    • All I can remember is the constant terrible pain.
    • We have been sick for nearly three months - headaches, severe neck stiffness and pain, rashes and terrible fatigue.
    • Those against capital punishment argue that it is brutal and degrading, while supporters regard it as an essential way of achieving vengeance/revenge for terrible crimes.
    • Most people who work in kitchens are terrible at verbalizing what they need.
    • I think it probably has an okay plot, but I'm just terrible at writing it!
    • There, amid the danger and terrible conditions, he found a new sense of purpose.
    • I had a terrible time finding stores that stocked a selection of good quality flannel sheets in California.
    • Pre-season training is really terrible, sheer hell basically, but you always come back with fresh optimism and we have got to look forward now.
    • The tests are pretty boring, and usually easy (except for math, but that's just because I'm terrible at math).
    • Instead, he thought about Whitney, worried that she was in pain or that terrible things were happening to her.
    • Ruth himself used to hand out nicknames to teammates, mainly because he was terrible at remembering people's real names.
    • I pretended to be concerned with my own affairs but it was hard considering the fact I was terrible at keeping to myself.
    • It turned out Curtis was terrible at basketball.
    • We understand the terrible effects such nasty behaviours can create, and we don't want it here.
    • I mean, people say the trial is itself proof that things have changed, that there is a consensus that these were terrible crimes and that someone must answer for them.
    • Tash had danced with Richard, who was surprisingly adept at a waltz, Sean, who wasn't, and David, who was terrible at everything.
    • I'm terrible at writing stories, but I'm really trying to put in an effort.
    • I am terrible at knowing how or when to take the step to move a relationship toward more intimacy.
    • Let's face it, they are a terrible, terrible offensive team.
    • In those first, terrible days after the storm and catastrophic flood, the poorest citizens were locked in a desperate struggle for survival.
    • That work was made for a hospital run by an order of monks whose mission was to serve people who were in terrible pain, especially those who had lost limbs.
    • I am terrible at answering the phone and calling people back.
    • She's got this truly terrible habit of emphasising random syllables in news reports.
    • They're not embodying their characters and talking; they're actors poorly reciting their terrible lines.
    • All her friends pray every day that the British government will bring the perpetrator of this terrible crime to justice.
    • While rats may not seem like a huge menace, they have a terrible effect on neighborhood morale and the quality of everyday life.
    • One of the difficulties in filming animals is that they are terrible at taking direction.
    • Then the most terrible and sickening thought struck Tori.
    • We are terrible at deciding not to do something.
    • Rarely does television so sensitively and thoughtfully depict the terrible grief and pain of loss, with all its far-reaching and long-lived repercussions.
    • It is a terrible reality that poor children in the South can get guns but not a decent meal.
    • Everyone, especially the poor, felt the terrible effects of the famine of 1846 and 1847 with its suffering, death and destruction.
    • It's been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad year for journalism.
    • I am, therefore, aware of the terrible effect that serious lung disease can have on an individual and their family.
    • And so that's what I hope can be available for people in these troubled times, these terrible situations.
    • It's a real mess and creates a terrible impression when millions of pounds are being spent to improve the main gateways to the city.
    • In return, Jamie shuddered that it had been a ‘horrible, terrible film!’
    • I looked over at her; she mouthed something to me, but I'm terrible at reading lips so I just shook my head and shrugged.
    • I love singing but I'm terrible at it, but that won't stop me!
    • It's terrible being unemployed, poor and temporarily car-less.
    • In the 1950s, chemical weapons, like hydrogen bombs, became symbols of terror that could bring terrible destruction.
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    he's a terrible bore es un pelmazo coloquial
    • what a terrible shame! ¡qué lástima más grande!
    • it's a terrible waste of time es una pérdida lamentable de tiempo
  • 3literario

    sobrecogedor literario
    Ivan the Terrible Iván el Terrible
    • Shuto screamed an ancient battle cry and charged into the night, the only light in the dark the sinister eyes of his terrible adversaries.
    • The woman stumbled back, a terrible smile on her pretty face, swallowing in the drink in her mouth before she allowed herself a grin, and then a laugh.
    • I was on my knees, my vision clouded in a haze of pain, and then I shook it off and stood up, a terrible smile on my face.
    • She turned to Wolf with a terrible little smile.
    • In a world with only one remaining superpower, even small and materially poor states and groups can pose terrible threats.
    • She brought the knife to Abby's throat, smiling in terrible triumph, and Chris screamed.
    • Heathcliff was lying on his back, and he met Nelly with a terrible smile!
    • He smiled a terrible smile and immediately left the room.
    • It emphasises how terrible the villain is: the woman's warning that the hero's life is in danger conveys to the audience how powerful the villain is, and thus makes the tale more exciting.
    • They both have terrible teeth, and consequently terrible, close-lipped smiles.
    • That terrible smile of his returned slyly, as if he knew precisely what he was doing.
    • But he protested his innocence, and as he rambled on, Hera all the while smiled her terrible smile and stroked my flanks.
    • Somewhere in the darkness, the faint echo of a terrible drawn out scream was carried on the breeze from the mountains and the three adventurers froze in place.
    • A spooky black lady smiles, nursing something terrible in a parcel.
    • Ramirez smiled then, a terrible rictus with more than a hint of malice.
    • The dungeon of hell is a terrible but mysterious place.
    • He said the arson gang were ‘sick and truly terrible individuals’ and condemned them and their families for laughing and joking during the trial, and when it concluded.
    • Yet we knew a terrible secret far more sinister than Ray Martin's wig or the little green men at Roswell.
    • The sky was a lullaby of blue light and ice, but looking beyond that, near the edge of sight, there was a fire, something soothing and terrible at once.
    • ‘Time to cut the cake,’ said Elaine's father with a terrible forced smile.