Traducción de terror-stricken en Español:


aterrorizado, adj.


Pronunciación ///ˈtɛrər ˌstrɪkən/


  • 1

    • Trujillo is long gone and it is hard to believe that the country she finds on her return was once the terror-struck place she had fled.
    • With the imperial household out of the way, the Senate enfeebled by dissension and apathy, the civil service terror-stricken, and the military under flabby command, the throne seemed well within Faustinus's grasp.
    • Towns and villages were deliberately bombed to create a fleeing mass of terror-stricken civilians to block the roads and hamper the flow of reinforcements to the front.
    • Actually, he could not think of a higher sacrifice of a loving mother than sitting up at night at the bed of a terror-stricken infant.
    • There is no one better than Mayall at creating the terror-stricken moments which ensue whenever the character senses that his chequered past may be about to ruin his life of luxury.
    • It should not be confused with night terrors or panics, in which a child becomes acutely agitated and terror-struck at night, appearing to be awake while in fact asleep and unable to be woken.
    • Rising to follow him through the doors of the ship and onto the soft, hot sands, she watched, terror-stricken, as Ryell drew his blade and approached his adversary.
    • Scores of terror-stricken farmers had abandoned their properties following attacks on several of their colleagues and the death of two.
    • Rodney was fighting futilely against them as his red hair fell messily into his terror-stricken green eyes.
    • Her pale blue eyes were wide and terror-stricken and darted from the barred door to the tiny circular window, but there was no way she could escape her confines.
    • But why are we so terror-struck by dentists, especially when we need all the help we can get, given our traditionally less-than-perfect smiles?
    • For this story, David Hein, a free-lance journalist who lives in Germany, interviewed American basketball players living in war-and terror-stricken countries outside the United States.
    • I have only performed here once, and I was terror-stricken!
    • I saw the terror-struck faces, and the frantic waving of their arms!
    • The scenes in which Kelly is held captive by a shadowy assailant create a real sense of fear by virtue of the juxtaposition of Kelly's sharply-lit, terror-stricken face and Lynch's completely shadow-covered one.
    • The robot scampers around a bit, but when the physicist raises the hammer, the machine turns over on its back, emits a few piteous squeals, and looks up at its persecutor with enormous, terror-stricken eyes.
    • I smiled menacingly and she quickly averted her terror-stricken gaze.
    • In fact, the clock had struck three before the noises finally ceased, but even after that Mary was too terror-struck to sleep.
    • A Tadcaster shop worker was left terror-stricken today after a youth threatened to stab her with a knife unless she gave him money from the till.
    • Sierra knew that tears were flowing down her cheeks as she looked at the picture of her terror-stricken sister with acceptance of death in her eyes.