Traducción de test pilot en Español:

test pilot

piloto de pruebas, n.


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    piloto de pruebas femenino
    • Once the aeroplane is registered we'll get a test pilot in and, if everything is approved, we'll be able to fly it.
    • In 1939 he was assigned as a test pilot at Wright Field, Ohio.
    • Allen was felt to be the test pilot with the most large four-engine experience.
    • I resolved early on that I would become an aeronautical engineer and test pilot and as I progressed through school I took courses that would lead to that goal.
    • After getting out of the Air Force he became a test pilot for North American and had lots of time in fighter aircraft.
    • A World War II ace, he became a test pilot and was the first man to break the sound barrier.
    • The trust works in conjunction with the Young Eagles, a worldwide organisation founded by Chuck Yeager, the American test pilot who broke the sound barrier in the 1950s.
    • He is an incredible value to the operations side of the house due to missions as both a test pilot and operational flyer.
    • She got her pilot's license in 1948 and became an accomplished stunt flier and test pilot.
    • Many of Papana's experiences as a test pilot were documented in Flying magazine.
    • The test pilot found the aircraft remarkably stable and easy to control, and a pleasant surprise to all of us.
    • The team includes test and evaluation engineers, maintenance staff and a test pilot.
    • Afterward he flew planes transporting the Royal Family and then became a test pilot until his retirement in 1985.
    • The ironic thing is that he was a test pilot in the Navy and had several close calls in aircraft, but always survived them.
    • He is currently a test pilot with the Aircraft Research and Development Test Unit at RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia.
    • Sharma was a test pilot with the Indian Air Force when the Russians began to look among them for an astronaut to join a Russian space exploration.
    • Showing faith in the design, Northrop accompanied the test pilot on the plane's second flight so the pilot could show him a wobble that developed at certain speeds.
    • I later became a test pilot for the RAF and on leaving the service I started to teach art.
    • The company knew that they had a winner from this first test flight but the cautious test pilot recommended certain changes - some of which were easy, some of which took time.
    • In this account of life as a test pilot, fighter pilot, and combat commander, Ross tells his Air Force story with wit, candor, and refreshing irreverence.