Traducción de testator en Español:


testador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛsteɪdər//tɛˈsteɪtə/



  • 1

    testador masculino
    testadora femenino
    • But, by making his trustees the sole judges of a question a testator does not entirely exclude recourse to the court by persons aggrieved by the trustees' decision.
    • It, also, is a duty to take care to ensure that effect is given to the testator's testamentary intentions.
    • He can certainly be appointed as executor of an estate by a testator who nominates him as such in a will.
    • A personal representative has an action of account as the testator or intestate might have had if he or she had lived.
    • A testator may make a valid will wholly by his or her own handwriting and signature, without formality, and without the presence, attestation or signature of a witness.