Traducción de testimonial en Español:


recomendación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌtɛstəˈmoʊniəl//ˌtɛstɪˈməʊnɪəl/


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    (reference, recommendation)
    recomendación femenino
    • This page may contain letters of recommendation or testimonials that your clients have written for you.
    • I think the average person would be amazed at the amount of fake testimonials and fabricated authenticity they are exposed to in one day.
    • So if you're asking for a testimonial to her character as a mother and as a hard working local member, I'm not only very happy to give it on this programme, I'll be very happy to give it in her electorate as well.
    • He stated that relevant weight has not been given to his good teaching record and to letters, testimonials and references from parents appreciating work he has done with their children.
    • Careful analysis of the letters, character testimonials and other correspondence involving these individuals represent an obvious and valuable source of reference for such work.
    • Most designers will have testimonials from previous clients on their web site.
    • One wishes one of her many friends and admirers had advised her not to make her autobiography sound like a list of testimonials from famous people interspersed with anecdotes.
    • Around 70 more residents wrote individual testimonials and character references.
    • Bernard Gateshill, for Mancey, handed a huge bundle of character testimonials to the judge and explained that his client had been suffering from depression at the time of the incident.
    • To summarize my testimonial about him, I simply said that he always made me laugh thought at times he annoyed me of constant teasing, but in the end I'd still have him as he is.
    • Mr Browne said the mayor of van de Poel's home town, his parents and his boss had provided testimonials as to his client's good character.
    • Instead, work history and character testimonials are deemed important.
    • The award is conferred on the basis of testimonials describing the nominee's service.
    • A common feature in networking sites is testimonials or comments.
    • More than mere testimonials, these comments underline Zinn's unsentimental dedication to the democracy he believes in.
    • Parents often prefaced their letters by testimonials as to their son's qualifications as a ‘real boy.’
    • And it was Rick Lazio who equated her, despite all these testimonials on her behalf, with these people who obviously have invented something for political gain.
    • Employers usually ask job applicants to send resumes, testimonials and identification documents.
    • They have noted the evidence of your character witnesses who spoke highly of you and the testimonials submitted on your behalf which indicate that you are well respected by both your professional colleagues and patients.
    • I should perhaps say this is an unsolicited testimonial - I don't do the requested kind.
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    (tribute, gift)
    tributo masculino
    homenaje masculino
    • About half the crowd were silver-haired, sitting politely in rows, nodding at the testimonials being offered from the podium covering the vast breadth of Rankin's career.
    • Yet after I left the funeral, some key themes of the media eulogies and other testimonials kept bothering me.
    • Mr Carvey, 20, of Eastcliff Avenue, is to receive a testimonial on parchment and his Tendring Council colleague Mr Sacre, also 20, of Oliver Close is to get a certificate of commendation.
    • She was presented with a testimonial on vellum, personally signed by society president Princess Alexandra, during the ceremony, at the Austrian Ambassador's residence in west London.
    • Most testimonials from students describe in passionate terms the inspiration Deaf teachers - much more than hearing instructors - had on them.
    • The death of famed educator Clark Kerr last December evoked tributes and testimonials everywhere from the New York Times to local faculty bulletins.
    • It also told of his independence, character and principles as expressed by testimonials by those who knew him.
    • However, before leaving for his new appointment the teachers and friends met at the house of the Rev Carter to present a small testimonial to Captain Cornelius in recognition of his service.
    • On Wednesday, John's 15-year-old son Patrick was presented with a testimonial for saving a boy aged eight from the Thames near the Teddington suspension bridge.
    • He spoke a short testimonial, describing a person that sounded a little like my mother, and we mouthed a hymn.
    • Guests will hear tributes and testimonials about the career, but only a little of the tension and trauma of that political life.
    • Here is an unsolicited testimonial to Ron Santo, a player who someday should be elected to the Hall of Fame.
    • They hold endless meetings, planning sessions, conferences, and confabs in which they back pat and self-stroke themselves with awards, plaques, tributes and testimonials.
    • However, since the event was a testimonial to the life and work of the artist, most informed criticism was politely avoided.
    • Passing with flying colours, he received a beautifully-calligraphed testimonial signed by the scholars present.
    • However, most medals and testimonials are presented for courage.
    • This would involve audio/visual testimonials delivered and recorded from around the world by her students (from all three schools she taught in), her friends, and family.