Traducción de testing ground en Español:

testing ground

terreno de pruebas, n.


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    terreno de pruebas masculino
    a testing ground for new ideas un terreno de pruebas para ideas nuevas
    • The fudge is sold from a counter within the post office, giving an instant testing ground for new recipes and generating extra income.
    • In theory, blogs should be an ideal testing ground.
    • The Civil War became the testing ground for widespread use of anesthesia during surgery.
    • Both proved ideal testing grounds for this car's twin fortes demonstrating refined competence regardless of the demands of terrain and driver.
    • The course's demanding fences, ditches and drops are an ideal testing ground for prospective Grand National winners - as this weekend's field indicates.
    • Universities are testing grounds for every manner of social and intellectual experiment - why not this one?
    • The four-block, mixed-use Catalyst Project, will serve as a testing ground for key elements of the larger plan.
    • The audio stories may not enjoy the same mainstream success as TV Who, but they provide a fertile testing ground for new ideas and talent.
    • Such widening scope reflects the recognition that landscapes of any type provide testing grounds for making inferences and observations about fundamental natural processes.
    • Bootleg Canyon is located just 45 minutes from the Vegas Strip, and makes for an excellent testing ground for bicycles of all shapes and sizes.
    • I have called on the council to introduce by-laws to protect our magnificent beaches from being used as testing grounds for bikes and for racing cars.
    • She said: ‘The National Parks were created for people to enjoy fresh air and peace and to get away from the ever-present motor car and not as testing grounds for all-terrain vehicles.’
    • The work I made was a record of the traces of early forms of architecture and a testing ground for examining the validity of landscape as a subject for contemporary art.
    • Instead, the Cardinals traveled south of the border to play in a game that would serve as a testing ground for the league's international expansion plans.
    • The markets also serve as invaluable testing grounds.
    • FarmLinks will be the ideal testing ground for PTI's new line of coated pesticide products.
    • The company would sneak vehicles into popular testing grounds, where leading-edge riders began to agitate for sneak peeks.
    • These conditions are met by several power plants along the Florida and California coasts, which could serve as testing grounds for this carbon dioxide sequestration method.
    • The camp environment provides adolescents with a positive testing ground for healthy risk-taking within safe boundaries.
    • Since that time, the Federalist Papers has been a favorite testing ground for researchers trying out new stylometric methods.