Traducción de testy en Español:


irritable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛsti//ˈtɛsti/

adjetivotestiest, testier

  • 1

    de mal genio
    a testy old man un viejo cascarrabias
    • In the circumstances he might have been forgiven for being a little testy.
    • I've just figured out why I've been so testy over the last couple of days - reduced coffee intake.
    • But, it has to be said that the younger web users can, at times, be a little impetuous and testy, too ready to either take offence, offend or flame.
    • My escorts exited the bus and a testy female officer instructed them to walk through a metal detector.
    • She asked me to pass on her apologies for being testy in comments threads, which I'm sure are wholly unnecessary in any case.
    • I don't blame Rosenthal for being a bit testy after my cheekiness.
    • Maybe she's testy because she's not long out of hospital with a viral condition.
    • Years later, the sacking still makes the normally placid Burt uncharacteristically testy, but he doesn't dwell on it.
    • During his first year in college, Ma made a futile effort to be sociable but ended up becoming more testy, frequently quarrelling with his classmates.
    • I want to ask you first, Ron, about polls because Roger and Karen get testy with me when I bring up polls.
    • But he got testy whenever reporters got close to what might have been driving the deal.
    • Each visit involved a long wait and at least one unpleasant interaction with a testy employee.
    • He seems impatient with you, almost testy to the point of animosity.
    • Sure, people can get testy at times; but serious issues should be debated with passion and vigor.
    • One could see Martin getting testy, but he had no choice but to answer the questions, which were good questions.
    • The minute he is questioned, he becomes testy and defensive.
    • From out of nowhere, your boy can snap from cool and calm to angry and testy!
    • We are dealing with customers all the time and the last thing we need is our workers feeling hungry and testy.
    • I get testy when people put whole books or short stories or poems up on their website, without permission, especially when they know it's wrong.
    • Several campers are surprisingly rude and testy when you attempt to engage them in conversation.