Traducción de text wrap en Español:

text wrap

distribución de texto, n.


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    distribución de texto femenino
    (alrededor de la imagen) ajuste de texto masculino
    • Now that the text wrap is on, all the words are visible within the text field's borders.
    • Here's a question that comes up every now and again: How do you make text wrap around an object in Adobe Illustrator?
    • There's no way to align an image in the center of the page and have text wrap around both sides.
    • If you no longer want to use text wrap around an object it can easily be removed.
    • If you have a bit of patience, you can create a faux-curved text wrap around what appears to be a single image.
    • Keep in mind that the text frame will now ignore text wrap for any graphic it interacts with that has text wrap.