Traducción de thank you en Español:

thank you

¡gracias!, interj.

Pronunciación ///ˈθæŋk ˌju/


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    thank you very much muchas gracias
    • to say thank you dar las gracias
    • say thank you to the lady dale las gracias a la señora
    • no, thank you no, gracias
    • I think I can manage, thank you gracias, pero creo que me las puedo arreglar yo solo
    • I don't need your advice, thank you very much! muchas gracias, pero puedes guardarte tus consejos
    • thank you for coming/your help gracias por venir/tu ayuda
    • thank you — not at all, thank you gracias — de nada, gracias a ti


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    without so much as a thank you sin siquiera dar las gracias
    • have you said all your thank yous? ¿les has dado las gracias a todos?
    • the flowers were meant as a thank you las flores eran para dar las gracias / en señal de agradecimiento
    • a special thank you to Mrs Brown doy/damos las gracias muy especialmente a la señora Brown
    • Resting just above it is a thank-you card from a grateful couple from Lancaster, delighted to be reunited with a wallet.
    • A special thank you goes to Patricia McDermot for all her hard work to make the night such a big success.
    • Last month, Mr Stuttle said he would present the Mayor with the picture as a thank-you gesture from the people of Yorkshire.
    • We always receive thank-you cards and presents from guests who have stayed with us and that gives me such a buzz.
    • Esther meets her after she writes her a thank-you letter for the scholarship.
    • Jane then sent the lawyer a thank-you note for helping her family avoid a defamation suit.
    • I will write thank-you letters for all of my Christmas presents.
    • Doyle is also currently perusing a few hotel brochures himself, with a view to taking the entire staff on a thank-you break in January.
    • The four said their last thank yous and goodbyes to Damien, and Derick nodded farewell to Rayne.
    • A big thank you goes to the coach, Margaret Moriarty, who has been carrying out endless training with this team.
    • Sharon has already sent the store staff a huge thank-you card.
    • We could have also included an invitation or a thank-you note if we had chosen to.
    • Both men quietly said their thank yous again and left.
    • You've packed away the dress, eaten the cake and written your thank-you letters - now married life starts for real.
    • They decided they should write a thank-you note to whoever was giving them these things.
    • The next morning, he came to work and there were a dozen donuts and a thank-you note from the police officer.
    • They later returned to Cambridge station with a thank-you card and a bottle of wine for him.
    • A special thank you goes to all involved in the planning and preparations and to all those involved on the day.
    • Other walls are decorated with framed thank-you letters from ministers and prime ministers.
    • It was a good interview, and ended with Katherine breaking the news that she was leaving and saying her thank yous and goodbyes.
  • 2thank-you

    (letter/gift) de agradecimiento