Traducción de theme park en Español:

theme park

parque temático, n.


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    parque temático masculino
    • They come to a theme park and that's what they ask for, so that's what we supply.
    • Insiders have revealed that the company has abandoned its plan to build a theme park in the city.
    • The turning point came when he took his children to a theme park and discovered that he was too big for the rides.
    • The theme park will help the town improve its environment and infrastructure and push up land prices.
    • Ever been to a theme park and thought that you could do better?
    • The mall leads to an outdoor area, with cafes, a mini theme park, and escalators.
    • She decided to enter a national singing competition organised by a theme park in Southport.
    • The theme park expects mainland tourists to account for a third of that figure.
    • So why, then, have they just opened a theme park devoted to the unexplained by the resort of Interlaken?
    • The venue was Futuroscope, a space-age theme park near Poitiers.
    • The last news item on the car radio as we turned off the Elgin road was about plans to turn the former monastery at Fort Augustus into a theme park.
    • You can build roads and houses on it and, with a few adjustments, the rest will make a weekend theme park for city-dwellers.
    • The group had a full day exploring the theme park, and on Sunday morning breakfasted with Disney characters.
    • The Disneyland theme park on the island is at its final stage of construction and is due to open in July next year.
    • This is a place for an escape, so don't expect any flashy evening entertainment or a theme park around the corner.
    • This is is a theme park with a difference.
    • But dwindling crowds and a lack of repairs could mean the theme park's end.
    • The automotive theme park in nearby Flint closed recently, just as the motor plants did before it.
    • Also near Kristiansand is a zoo, although it's more of a theme park.
    • Which is why you should feel no shame in packing them off to a theme park.