Traducción de theory en Español:


teoría, n.

Pronunciación /ˈθɪri//ˈθɪəri/

nombrePlural theories

  • 1

    teoría femenino
    music theory teoría (musical) femenino
    • the theory of music la teoría de la música
    • the theory is that … teóricamente …
    • I work on the theory that … (yo) soy de la teoría de que …
    • the theory of relativity la teoría de la relatividad
    • But bundle theory is supposed to explain the structure of things on a metaphysical, not scientific level.
    • Eventually Einstein's general relativity theory explained the phenomenon in terms of a distortion of the fabric of space by the Sun's gravity.
    • No matter how hard we try to produce theories and hypotheses to explain the market, it will always prove to be unpredictable.
    • Pope John Paul II has already explained that the theory of evolution is not irreconcilable with the creation doctrine.
    • Evolutionary theories attempt to explain how the fact of evolution occurs.
    • That was before he started questioning whether Darwin's theory of evolution fully explained life on earth.
    • Theories do not become facts; theories explain facts, and a well validated theory does not turn into something else; it remains a theory forever.
    • Hypotheses and theories are generally based on objective inferences, unlike opinions, which are generally based on subjective influences.
    • Social cognitive theory, ecological systems theory and cultural-historical theory have a contextual base.
    • In general, this theory attempts to explain when and how people adopt new behaviors.
    • In 1915, with his theory of general relativity, Einstein extended this hypothesis to include gravitation.
    • All makers of monolithic theories want their theories to explain everything, and they want them to be strong and relatively simple.
    • She neatly interweaves discussions of online behavior with social science theories that may explain some Internet phenomena.
    • Religious-mystical theories, biological theories and socio-historical theories explain the existence of the caste system.
    • Instead, he now requires them to be able to explain the scientific theory of evolution.
    • Objections to the general theory of evolution are presented in both Darwin's conclusion and glossary of terms.
    • He is regarded as the founder of the general functionalist theory of the social system.
    • No general theory explaining breeding dispersal has yet been formalized, but two main hypotheses have emerged.
    • Do you think that Hume wanted a general theory of human nature to explain why human beings act, think, perceive and feel in all of the ways that we do?
    • In geology, the theory of evolution could explain two agreed facts that had given the scriptural view of creation a hard time.