Traducción de thermodynamics en Español:


termodinámica, n.

Pronunciación /ˌθəːmə(ʊ)dʌɪˈnamɪks//ˌθərmoʊdaɪˈnæmɪks/


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    termodinámica femenino
    • By this time he had completely reversed his ideas about black holes and thermodynamics, the very ideas that had created such arguments a few years earlier.
    • In particular, Hawking was gaining a renewed interest in a field called thermodynamics, developed by Lord Kelvin and others in the nineteenth century.
    • In 1936, he was a visiting professor at Columbia University, where he taught a course on thermodynamics.
    • The topics Brillouin wrote on were the kinetic theory of gases, viscosity, thermodynamics, melting conditions and electricity.
    • Only in the nineteenth century did the study of energy come of age, with the invention of the branch of physics known as thermodynamics.
    • Statistical thermodynamics can map out the energy distribution of the water molecules.
    • Enquiries into the role of heat in these reactions led him to study chemical thermodynamics, and eventually to the famous Le Chatelier's principle.
    • Most physicists probably learned about the laws of thermodynamics at high school, but few of us will have been told the whole story.
    • Beltrami also worked on optics, thermodynamics, elasticity, electricity and magnetism.
    • But then we'd have to get into what quantum thermodynamics means, and well, that's a battle for another day!
    • In thermodynamics one divides any heat loss or gain by the temperature, and one obtains then a quantity that is called the change in entropy.
    • He now worked on thermodynamics, publishing three papers on applications to physical chemistry and thermoelectricity.
    • He spends much of his book providing us with a brief history of energy and discussions about energy issues such as thermodynamics and electromagnetism.
    • More than 100 texts have been written on chemical thermodynamics but a concise summary of the laws is hard to find.
    • The results could also add a further twist to a field Einstein did not foresee - the thermodynamics of black holes.
    • The field of thermodynamics is concerned with all types of energy changes in physical systems.
    • In physics, this is the law of thermodynamics: that heat will always flow from hot to cold.
    • Is the 3rd law of thermodynamics valid even for objects smaller than atoms?
    • He started working in thermodynamics - calculating aircraft engine performance.
    • He taught thermodynamics and statistical mechanics in a very elegant fashion.
    • As we have noted Jeans worked on thermodynamics, heat and other aspects of radiation, publishing major works on these topics and on applications to astronomy.