Traducción de thermoluminescence en Español:


termoluminiscencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˌθərmoʊˌluməˈnɛsəns//ˌθəːmə(ʊ)luːmɪˈnɛs(ə)ns/


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    termoluminiscencia femenino
    • To determine the time since the object was last fired, a sample of around 30 mg is removed and heated to 500°C, which releases the stored energy in the form of light - this is thermoluminescence.
    • Scientists testing old occupation sites by thermoluminescence have suggested an Aboriginal presence of up to 60000 years.
    • Many minerals heated at hundreds of degrees emit luminescence, so that thermoluminescence has been used initially in geology, archeological dating and radiation dosimetry.
    • The thermoluminescence does not manifest itself until a temperature of 932°F is reached.
    • Perhaps one of the best-known techniques is thermoluminescence, which is used on ceramic works.
    • But with the advent of more sophisticated techniques, firstly with thermoluminescence and now with optically stimulated luminescence, our ability to define the limits of that chronology is much sharper.