Traducción de thermosphere en Español:


termosfera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈθəːməsfɪə//ˈθərməˌsfɪr/


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    termosfera femenino
    • Whilst carbon dioxide is causing a global rise in temperature at the Earth's surface, it has the opposite effect in the upper part of the atmosphere known as the thermosphere.
    • For terminology buffs, the portion of the earth's atmosphere from 50 to 85 km above the equator generally is referred to as the mesosphere, whereas the segment above 80-85 km is referred to as the thermosphere.
    • It lies between 60 and 100 kilometres up, that is above the stratosphere where all the ozone is, and below the thermosphere where our atmosphere trails off towards the vacuum of space.
    • ‘Entering the thermosphere in five-four-three-two-one’ counted down the copilot.
    • There are no significant sources of heat in the mesosphere as there are in the stratosphere below and the thermosphere above.
    • The structure of the thermosphere is dominated by waves in temperature, with large amplitude and wavelength.