Traducción de thinner en Español:


disolvente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈθɪnər//ˈθɪnə/


  • 1

    disolvente masculino
    diluyente masculino
    tíner masculino América Latina
    • A building firm must pay £9,000 over an incident in which children playing with a can of paint thinners were burned when the can exploded.
    • The four workers were working near paint thinners when the explosion occurred with each worker receiving serious facial burns.
    • At the time of the blaze, in April this year, the site held around 400,000 litres of chemicals, primarily those used in such substances as paint thinners.
    • He said the children had found some matches in a skip on the site and this led to the explosion of the paint thinner.
    • Primary school and high school aged children were caught sniffing solvents such as spray paint, thinners and lighter fluid in plastic bags and bottles.
    • They expressed grave concern that the abuse of drugs - like stimulants and paint thinners - not only harm individuals but destroy entire families.
    • Household batteries, paints, varnishes, thinners, adhesives, solvents and waste oils are all classified as hazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency.
    • He then attacks it through mechanical means, using paint thinners or sandpaper to get at the layers of color inherent in the chromogenic paper's emulsion.
    • There was non disclosure of the fact that camping gas cylinders, paint thinners and similar items were stored on the vessel.
    • In the home, pregnant women should avoid prolonged exposure to pesticides and to solvents such as paint thinners and strippers.
    • The counterfeit vodka was contaminated with methanol, an industrial wood alcohol more commonly used in anti-freeze and paint thinners, which could present a major health risk to anyone drinking it.
    • Investigators said he was smoking marijuana and inhaling paint thinners when a burning candle ignited the fumes.
    • He agreed with the prosecution case that the apartment had been doused in petrol and paint thinner.
    • Pesticide products in pressurized cylinders, oil, antifreeze, tires, paints, varnishes, thinners, cleaners and solvents will not be accepted.
    • In his statement, which was read out to the court, Mr Hay said he kept items including paints and thinners in a wheelie bin in his back yard.
    • So, I took a palette knife to it, scraped all the paint off, and then wetted a tissue with thinner and wiped the canvas as clean is it'd get.
    • You need at least top quality brushes to get it on, and rubber gloves, good ventilation and special thinners to get it off your expensive brushes.
    • His emphysema prevents him from using conventional oil paints, which require turpentine and thinners, so he uses a modern, water-based alternative.