Traducción de third rail en Español:

third rail

tercer riel, n.


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    tercer riel masculino
    tercer rail masculino España
    • Many of these are running on English lines with power supplied through a third rail below the train.
    • They scaled barbed wire fences, leaping over instant death on electrified third rails, and running from police.
    • There is no third rail on the connector from the mainline, so we needed the diesel for that stretch too.
    • The 6.25 miles from Parkdale to Weston became a Joint Section, with a third rail added.
    • She fell off the subway platform onto the track, burning her left hand on the third rail.
    • These aren't third rails, these are the generators that provide the power for the third rails.
    • The fox, which was hit by a train or electrocuted by the third rail, has been left at the side of the track for at least four weeks despite it being reported on January 30.
    • The third rail was added after 1973 so that the sand cleaning facility in the old yard in Cuautla could be used by the standard gauge.
    • When the New York City subway system's famed third rail lost power, some 350,000 riders were trapped.
    • Although exact details have yet to be finalised, the new vehicles will probably be powered by diesel or electricity through a third rail in the middle of the lane.
    • All power to signals, the third rail which supplies power to trains, all power points and lighting went out at 6.30 pm.
    • New Zealand railways are largely powered by overhead electric cables or by diesel, rather than the third rail electrification systems which are widely used in US and European urban rail networks.
    • Aa flagman on a track crew was electrocuted as a result of falling on the third rail in Manhattan.
    • These days, though, there is something far more frightening lurking down in the Underground - worse even than the live third rail.
    • Most of these have existed for some time, and current is supplied through a third rail bringing direct current at about 800 Volts.
    • It's a different service down here - electrified by third rail rather than overhead wire and the rolling stock is different so direct comparisons are difficult.
    • He received a jolt of electricity from the deadly third rail which carries 750 volts.
    • Power will be drawn from a third rail acting as a conductor and running between the two rails.
    • The conversion entailed the laying of a third rail, temporarily, so that in the changeover period trains for either gauge could be operated.
    • We walked down the tracks, passing by the platforms, and making sure not to step on the third rails, even though the power was probably out.