Traducción de thought pattern en Español:

thought pattern

modelo de pensamiento, n.


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    modelo de pensamiento masculino
    • Again, it was the strong imprint of utilitarian thought patterns in economics that kept so many economists sliding down through the railway embankments of eugenic reasoning.
    • The depressed are given to negative thought patterns that not only send them down the path to depression but keep them mired in the bog of despair.
    • It appears to me that her massive weight gain is a symptom of her thought pattern, of her priorities.
    • There are six action strategies that bring the quickest results in breaking out of the negative thought patterns that maintain your depression.
    • Every time you take an anti-depressant, it is a reminder that you are ‘weird,’ that your thought patterns are abnormal, and that to function normally you depend on medication.
    • A period of near-total abstinence helped me to unlearn the self-destructive thought patterns I'd gotten into, and I now drink quite healthily and happily, in control of an area that had been doing me harm.
    • Change requires the individual or group to unlearn old habits, methods of performing routine tasks, and customary thought patterns.
    • Depression, with its symptoms of sadness, apathy, fatigue and negative thought patterns, can adversely affect healthy lifestyle habits and even medical treatment compliance.
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy helps bipolar patients to change harmful thought patterns and behaviors.
    • Cognitive behavioural therapy can help reverse depressive thought patterns by trying to correct automatic reactions and assumptions that the patient may have adopted.
    • In a disordered thought pattern he believed it would be best to get arrested and go to a prison medical wing.
    • Both took part in 20 cognitive therapy sessions to help identify depressive thought patterns and replace them with constructive ones.
    • Through role-playing and discussion, patients learn how to stop negative thought patterns.
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy - available on a sliding scale, usually, at a major university near you - can work wonders in changing those automatic thought patterns.
    • The therapy also teaches patients to use positive thought patterns rather than irrational negative patterns.
    • I'm not sure that I agree with everything in this book, but the author does have a knack for deconstructing the prevailing thought pattern and showing where it goes wrong.
    • It's a thought pattern that's a bit more than negative.
    • I love to pull people out of their mundane thought patterns and make them think differently.
    • Undoubtedly, in some cases substance abuse is an effort to manage symptoms - cocaine to create hypomania during depressive periods or alcohol to quiet racing thought patterns during a manic episode.
    • But they are the sorts of behaviors and thought patterns that are not easily correlated to cultural influence.